10 puppies born  01.04.23. 4 male and 6 females. 2 ridgeless females. No DS, no other faults.

Litterpage    Photos: Individual stacks

Name Meaning Sex HD ED Mentality Other
Bainifu Obvious, fact Male  
Baraka Blessing, fortune, luck Male        
Bakari Hopeful Male  
Bongani Grateful one Male  
Bahati Luck, fortune, success Female        
Bayana Clarity, certainty Female        
Baini Recognize, know with certainty Female        
Burudisha Cool, calm Female        
Bisi First born daughter Female        
Banou Lady, princess Female        



Juliagårdens X Marks the Spot (MH/DMA) That's Obvious About the Blessed (MH/DMA)
Hazinas 5th Abuja (MH/DMA)

Djungelkattens K-nineridged Karisma (MH/DMA)
 Juliagårdens Amarula Cream (MH/DMA)
Hayawani Sekayib Furufuru (MH/DMA)

Juliagårdens Julia of Shakespear (MH/DMA)
Hunting Prides Mayumba Mbali (MH/DMA) Exgates Unique Utah by Nelvis
Ökensandens Star Nelvis Von Wasco
Exgate's Queen Tuija By Forrest
Hunting Prides Insinya Ijaba
Oppigårdens Solfångare (MH/DMA)
Aziz Aliliea Yejide (MH/DMA)