Alpen trail 2011!!!

We have been to the Alpes and raced Alpen trail - what a beautiful race!! Super thanks to Marte and Øystein for letting us have a "free ride"; telling us what to do and when to do so - without you this would never be a reality! Also our sincere thanks to sponsors, friends and family - Multiteknikk Dag Lysaker, Vom og Hundemat, Petter and Bodil Lyng, Mona Hansen, fam Skjønhaug and all others who contributed to this adventure.


Bjørn's great team the second stage in Lü! The sunglasses are mine - he didn't think sunglasses were necessary in January...

Martes fast team in Lü the second day. She has her own sunglasses!

The two best friends, Sara and Sunniva.

Sunsets were pretty in Switzerland as well!!

Sunniva and Irish out for a walk

Sunniva with her own sunglasses.

Beautiful cow - anyone knows what breed it is?

Our accomodation for the race, Bjørns Christmas present last year ;-)

Scenery from Lü.

Sunniva teaching Sara how to read ;-)

Sunniva, this time with Sara's sunglasses! Marte forgot Sara's at home and had to buy some new on the ferry, which fit better on a older child...

View from Prags.

Some of our travel company, Roy Storli and Marte Heilemann


Everyone wanted to kiss my husband!! (Ok, just kidding - only on the cheek ;-))

Sylvia Ulrich #2 in Prags, Bjørn #1, Torsten Ballas #3

The carpark in Bad Moos - Sexten stages. We didn't see any bad moose ;-) The Dolomites in the background.

Minnie was almost selected for the team, but we thought the terrain at Hamar would suit her better. She could have run here as well, but it was too late when we realized.

Sunniva's new creation, she attracted quite a lot of laughter and paparazzi's when she waited at the finish line for her daddy dressed like this... Mother not laughing...

Marte over the finish line Friday in Sexten, counting seconds ;-)

Torsten Ballas at 2nd place in Sexten

Marte #2, Helmut Peer #1 and Heini Winter #3 Friday in Sexten

The great team last day in Sexten! Our clever lead dogs, Idun in lead all days except the night race where Indy took her place so she could rest some.

Playing hide and seek behind the curtains in the Movassbakken appartment at Bad Moos.

Bjørn won the 6 dog class!

Marte won the 8 dog class! Total Norwegian dominance ;-)

Arguing about who should get which sled ;-)

Tom Andres #2, Marte Heilemann #1 and Helmut Peer #3 in the 8 dog class.

The Norwegian table - plus some wannabe Norwegians ;-)

Sunniva has never heard live music before!