We have started a course in Animal Assisted Activities at the Anthrozoology centre in cooperation with Red Cross, hoping  ZoŽ and BB will be approved as assisting dogs for visiting homes for elderly among others. We have had theory on Friday, and theory and practical lessons Saturday, and then again Sunday, before a training period leading to approval testing in February. Dhamira is not able to participate this time, as she is overly pregnant and will have maternity leave in the training period ;-)


Our teacher and mentor, Line Sandstedt!

There were almost as many dogs as people in this room - a mix of dogs and bitches of all ages (yes, the people varied in age and sex too!)!

Three of the lovely dogs attending, ZoŽ, Aaron and the papillon with the fancy name Biffen ("the Steak") ;-D

Training session, Line giving an example with her dog..

Hi, how are you doing? Would you like to meet my dog? ;-)

And while Line is talking, and talking and talking...

..her clever dog making serious attempts on doing what she guesses is right in this situation ;-D

Here, Balto is learning how to relax at a "patients" bedside, while a reporter from the local newspaper and three very patient dogs are watching! Two intact Rottweiler males beside each other, calm and easy!

First Balto and then ZoŽ laxing in the bed with Line ;-) One of them more focused on the treats than the other (guess who!)...

And then the wheelchair and the crutches! Strange things a dog has to get acquainted with in order to become an assisting dog!

This is Kompis, getting to know these people with the walking disabilities ;-) Well, for the pregnant one, the wheelchair was very much a comfort I think ;-)

The class mingling!

Day two:

BB during the theory Sunday, booooring! (Is what she thought that is ;-))

Two of the male attendants, gorgeous guys!

My beautiful Red Cross "in training" dog!

This will most likely be your situation some weeks from now, but I'll bet you won't be in this good spirit ;-D

BB getting rewarded for having her head in a "patient's" lap - what an easy treat, BB thinks..

And then getting rewarded for lying down beside someone in a bed - have they turned all soft on me or what?? ;-D

Waiting patiently.

And then some free running afterwards, nice!!