5,5 weeks old

The beautiful bitch - posing like a true princess ;o)

What a sweet face! Nr 6, a real charmer.

Hi there! Nr 2 in the middle, nr 5 to the left and 6 to the right.

Gorgeous nr 6 posing.

And this is nr 2!

"Hi uncle Gelo, we looove you!"

Sweet nr 4 in the grass.

A portrait of nr 2 - sweety!

Nr 5 in the wind!

Nr 4 in the lead, followed by the bitch and nr 2.

Nice asses? ;o)

Water is good!

Nr 3, nr 1 and nr 6 practising ringtraining!

Lovable nr 3.

Nr 6 standing and nr 4 under the stairs.

Binti and nr 6 kissing?? Or something...

Nr 3

Nr 5 and nr 6 - looking for trouble!

The little miss and nr 3 (with his back to the camera).

The gang! From left nr 3, nr 5 and nr 6 behind.

"No I didn't! "Yes you did!"

Little-miss-looking-good and nr 6 to the right.


Nr 4 saying hi to Gelo

 - and probably getting a tips or two on how to hit on the females??!!