"Grandma" visiting ;-) Only seven left, we lost the firstborn brown boy (one puppy is underneath the other pups on the photo ;-))


Since her body temperature has been a bit "off" the last 24 hours, we suspected something to happen during the night, and had the alarm clock on several times. But Dawn was calm as ever, and when Bjørn went to work around seven there was still no signs of a coming delivery. You can imagine my surprise  when I checked her at nine thirty and found her in her house with a puppy halfway out of the birth channel! Well, I helped him out the last bit, he was a large boy but very active and he helped himself to the nipples in notime. Then I moved them inside, as it would be much more comfy for me ;-) Pup number two, a black boy with some white under his belly, also needed a helping hand out, these were the largest boys. Then they called from kindergarten, saying that Su had damaged her toe; so I ran to the car and picked her up - not so much pain as need of comfort I think about the toe ;-) When we came home, two girls had arrived, nice and sound ;-)

So - we have four puppies, and her belly was all the same as big as before.. Dawn had a short nap, while we suddenly had another litter on the way!!!

Of course Su's dog also had puppies today ;-)

She also took a lot of pics of the pups, and of course helped me to hold them when new ones arrived ;-)

But then Dawn delivered another puppy, a black boy with lots of white - a lot like his father with the same type of head I would imagine! And a short while after, a girl with the same markings;-)

So there were six - even numbers of boys and girls. A perfect litter - but still her belly is a bit too big to be empty, don't you think??

Well, some hours later, after a long rest, the next surprise arrived, a champagne/white girl!

And just after I had sent message to Bjørn and Karoline about the nice litter size, I felt over her and what did I feel? Another puppy ;-) This time a big black/white male, so now four of each sex! Actually, there was even the ninth pup, but sadly a stillborn brown girl. Still, eight puppies was much more than we had hoped for, and what a uniform litter! They range from 400-500 grams in birthweight (a bit unfair as some were weighed several hours after birth and some right after - I didn't have time to fetch the scale until we were almost done ;-)), and even if we haven't weighed a lot of the huskypups I know these are bigger than we're used to, as they are almost as big as a newborn Ridgeback! I don't think they'll be as big as the Ridgebacks when grown up, but still.. They have very even coats, short but dense, the cinnamon girl having the shortest coat of them all.