Hoping to witness the birth, I got in the car around noon the 16th of May, having strong feelings about a foal born on our Constitutional Day (17th), but since horses have long gestation periods with no absolutely positive signs of delivery, I knew I could be going home without any birth as well. But I had planned to at least stay over the weekend, until the 20th..

We arrived to beautiful, although a bit cold weather, and the dogs were playing around, enjoying a holiday ;-)

This is what the belly looked like when we arrived, quite large! BB checking out Evitas dinner.


The horses and the dogs were playing around together for a while on the 17th, the belly still huge and perhaps a bit different shape to it?

That was a correct guess - for this is the difference of the udder from the 16th to the 17th of May - and there is also the drops of fluid there - althoug that had us fooled a month ago ;-) But today she was very restless, walking around, kicking at her belly and swinging her tail, and the insects weren't that many ;-)

So we had to rest, and wait, and rest and wait.. Then we had knocking on the door at app 3 pm, saying that milk had started to run from her udder! We waited some more, had a lovely dinner, and went to the stables for the evening checkup and feeding, and as we were standing outside talking afterwards, we saw Evita trough the window, suddenly started to behave in a strange way, and she dropped to the floor just as I started to walk to the door. As I arrived at her box, the contractions started, and I went in to her as two tiny hooves appeared. The head was stuck, so we helped her out a bit, and this beautiful colt was actually born right in my lap!

I was so sure about a foal that I had brought champagne with me ;-)

Celebrating the birth of Disco Dancer, born 17th of May 2012, 9.15 pm!

The first visit outside, it was chilly so they were only out for a short while on the 18th.

Skoglys Dolce Vita and her son Disco Dancer!

On the 19th they were out for quite a while, until Evita showed us clearly that she needed a nap - motherhood is hard on a first timer!

After the nap, they went out on the grass, and that was lovely for both of them! Bolivia (the dark mare) watched them from the other side of the fence ;-)

Su thought the distribution of grass was a bit unfair ;-)

The first meeting - Evita initiated contact, but Bolivia thought it a bit scary at first ;-)

The first meeting with Dhamira, she thought he was lovely!

And Su as well, clearly ;-)

And on the 20th we let them out together, which was also all right, they all behaved nicely and I think enjoyed the company of eachother!

And since there is a laaarge fenceed in area in which the horses are supposed to stay this summer, the dogs have had a blast, running around and playing fetch with Su ;-)