Hunting Prides Dodori Dhamira

ED: 0/0

67 cm, 37 kg

Full dentition, correct bite

DM: Carrier


Pics from MH


Photos -

From RR-specialty

Spring 2014 - 6,5 years old!

Dhamira March 2012, 4,5 years old

Dhamira resting when having three week old puppies in 2010 ;-)

Dhamira four years old, autumn 2011.

2011 - four years old

May 2010, 2,5 years old app.

Dhamira pictured Dec 09

Dhamira 18 months. Photo G T Jensen.





Dhamira is the bitch we decided not to part with. She lived her first year and a half out on breeding terms but are now back with the pack and she settled in just like she had never left us.

She's a very sweet girl, with many traits from her mother. She loves children and tolerates everyuthing from them. She is perfectly balanced between accepting any contact and handling from strangers and visitors, but still not craving it (like Iza does ;-)). A true arrogant but trusting and confident Ridgeback with tons of self esteem. Dominant and pack leader, the police who stops any conflict between the dogs. She knows that our cats are not allowed inside the main house and chases them out, and strange cats are chased all the way up on the road. But no further ;-) She is almost like a cattle dog with horses, driving and stopping them, just by watching my body language. But we haven't refined it in any way, although I'm sure she could do some amateur herding.

She has the most drop dead gorgeous head and a very good and long stride. She's actually the fastest RR I've seen, she can outrun most of our other dogs but she has stamina as well.

She has from two outings in puppy class BOB, BIG2 and BOS. From very limited showing she has been awarded both Honours Prize and Champion Quality.