We had a lovely day with the two last litters and their mothers, plus uncle Donjuan ;-) Mouse over for text to the pics. Thanks all, it was great seeing you and the "pups" again!! The two Farogirls really cathed on, and also the Etoshaboys Enzi and Ekundu, it was very nice to watch them play, and so delightful that all these boys get along so well even in the worst hormonal period ;-)


Bintiye watchingFanana playing with EmekaAnd Fanana telling him off ;-)Emeka being comforted by dad..Emeka, Enzi, Dhamira behind and someone betweenEmeka in focus, Etana and Dhamira in frontDhamira and EkunduThe two Farogirls Faraja and FananaThe two Etoshaboys Enzi and EkunduFaraja and DonjuanAnn Kristin with Dhamira and EtanaBintiye with her daughtersEmeka and FarajaEgamisha and EmekaDonjuan kissing Enzis sister, Bintiye also ;-)BintiyeBeauty!!Bintiye, Faraja and EkunduDonjuan learning Ekundu a lesson ;-)The three EtoshaboysThe three Etoshaboys (and Donjuan with the big balls...)Dhamira and BintiyeDonjuan, Enzi and EkunduEtoshaboysEnzi and DhamiraEmeka