7 weeks old:


Miss ridgegirl:

Small enough to fit under both mum and "auntie" Dhamira (who's really her cousin by the way ;-))



4,5 weeks old:


"No, we have definitely not been stealing any pups!?!"

First time outside, almost four weeks:

Multicrown girl to the left, ridgeless girl 1 in front. - The two ridgeless girls, #1 facing the camera.      

Playing with their cousins!

The multicrown girl.

3,5 weeks:

2,5 weeks, very cosy!

Mum got her first time off the maternity responsibilities and joined us for a ride with Evita (long time since she participated last time!):

Dhamira and Binti

Not the prettiest pic of Iza, she's trying to play with Evita...

Binti enjoying the trip and the spring!

"Are you coming, guys?"

2 weeks old:

10 days old:

One day old pups and a very tired mother ;-)

Two days old together with their auntie, or whatever she is to them: