We have been on a truly fantastic trip to Finland, Su, Binti and I. We drove to Stockholm (app 7 hours drive), took the ferry to Turkku (app 12 hours on boat) and then drove to Samirs city, only two hours drive ;-) It was great to meet this lovely dog, he topped all my expectations beeing a very open and accessible dog with dignity, confident nature and a very sweet personality, and we are thrilled about the possibility to have his puppies with our fantastic Bintiye.


We arrived to a beautiful house, with lots of toys for Su (thank you!) and a sauna for me ;-) Thanks for lending me your new house, it is a lovely home!

While Su was playing with all the toys, Binti was wating for prince charming to arrive ;-) And what a stunner he was!

The first meeting, Binti wanted some time for flirting first, she was quite strict on that point actually.. But softened with his sweet approach!

Binti resting, Su thought she should have a blanket ;-)

Couldn't resist this beautiful pic - even with too much exposure (blame it on the photographer ;-)) Samir is whispering a little secret to Binti, or some sweet words maybe?

Su got this picnic set with Moomin on, she wanted to bring it to kindergarten when we got home ;-) Thanks Pasi and family, you are so sweet! We went for a walk with Binti on our journey home.