Getting a tan? Su with Nora and Dawn, Capella in the background.

Nora, Capella and Rino competing for her attention ;-)

Mizar, Mikke and Capella.

And Idun and Bellatrix - same look ;-) Idun is mated to Rino, we're hoping for puppies in May!


We have also been training a bit ;-)


Zoë and Rino:

Dhamira was supposed to pull the pulka over to Bjørn and Su who was fishing, while I skijored with BB.. But, as Dhamira thinks it's SO FUN to pull, she just kept on going, and even if Bjørn ran after her she didn't turn around when we called, she just thought we were peptalking her into running faster! Luckily she met a couple with two Labradors who turned her around. When they met up with Bjørn, he was tired after all the running (I told you he hasn't been training enough for the Norway Trail ;-)), so instead of walking back, he stole a ride:

Who smiles the most?? Dhamira happy as ever - she loves to have a workout ;-)

Bjørn even got a fish!

And Su got jellymen ;-)