Hunting Prides Hwange Hija

ED: 0/0


Pedigree and litter info

Mentality tested (BPH)

Photos from BPH

Correct bite, full dentition


At 6,5 months, app 62 cm and 28 kg

At 10 months 65 cm

Nearly two years old ;-)

10 months old

6,5 months

12 weeks old

Hija sleeping with two of her new best friends ;-)



BPH diagram:













Hija is the girl from the Hwangelitter that we kept on breeding terms. Luckily, she'll be living very close by so we'll see a lot to her.

She is a charmer and an explorer, and we love to see what she turns into as she grows up!

In September 2014 she did a truly outstanding mentality test (diagram at the bottom of page), the remarks from the test crew was that she was one in a million. She proved herself to be both brave, curious, friendly and with the true laidback ridgeback nature. We are so fortunate to have this girl!