The hotel from the outside (the grey tall building)..

...and from the inside ;-)

We took the ferry to Djurgården! Sadly, the fairground was closed for the season..

View from the ferry

Lots of fun things to do!

And lots and lots of nice animals to see ;-)

A Norwegian house!?!?! The exhibition was originally meant to be a Swedish-Norwegian cooperation, but after the union was dissolved in 1905, they didn't want us to be part of it anymore ;-D So, only one Norwegian house!

Ladugårdsgärdet - Tamio and I was here lots of years ago, meeting up with Tamios mum Raisa and half sister Freia, and their breeder ;-)

While Su and I was choking on lovely pastry, Dhamira was patiently waiting at the hotel, after meeting Navy early in the morning ;-)

The day after, Su and Dhamira found a common heaven - an open playground! Su was eagerly playing and climbing and jumping while Dhamira just bathed in affection:

Su found the larges pear tree I have ever seen, and the bigger boys helped her get hold of them ;-) I think I need to lock this one in some years from now, the boys she likes the most are often quite a few years older than her... ;-)

And this was our residence the last night, w h a t  a lovely place Maria and Robban!!