7,5 weeks:

The puppies in the car, heading towards the stable!

Evita is a very calm horse and has an amazing way of stepping around little puppies, she knows they are small!



7+ weeks:

From left: #4, #3, #6, #2, #5 and #6, with Mikke and Mizar ;-)

#6 and #4 in the left photo, #1 in the middle, and #2 in the right photo

And when it becomes cold and tiresome, there's nothing better than the lap of a four-year-old ;-)

#4 and #2 sitting beside Su, and #6, #5 and #3 coming towards the camera while #4 wants some more attention from Su ;-)

From left: #4, #2, #3, #6, #1 (behind), #5

From left: #5, #3, #6, #4, #1, and #2 is the one heading towards the door, behind the others ;-)


6,5 weeks:

The puppies have been outside, visiting the sleddogs!


5 weeks:

We have an audience while making gingerbread houses!

And we're also taking New Years Eve a bit early ;-) No 6 finds it very interesting, don't know if it is the new telly or the nice colours he likes best.

While Dhamira rests, BB is still feeding the hungry crowd!

Sweet girls ;-)

And the whole family sleeping soundly ;-)


4,5 weeks:

Sweet BB is continuing to feed the puppies, I suspect that her milk is fatter, and maybe even designed for smaller puppies (as she started her milk production when they were already some weeks old), so I actually think they prefer her's over their mother's milk ;-D But I think the quantity is larger with Dhamira, so they get their starters with BB and the main course with Dhamira..

And we have a houseguest - Dhamiras brother Donjuan!

Almost two drops of water - at least in profile ;-) Donjuan is twice of Dhamira in head and body..

Su enjoys the puppies!


3,5 weeks:


Can you see anything strange with this photo????

No? Well, there is nothing wrong per se, but the dog hasn't got nipples ment for milk production...

As they belong to the 16 month old BB, who now is raising her second litter as a very devoted auntie (last time, with Iza's puppies, she hadn't figured out the feeding  yet ;-))

So this is one big, happy family - I think Zo would love to feed them as well, but for some strange reason they don't like her tits, fur, smell or colour, I don't know which!

Feeding time, and good night story ;-D

And some background "music" to prepare them for New Years Eve and other noisy future experiences ;-)

And when the night comes and the little ones have gone to bed, this is how we rest after a long and tiresome day! (I am reading for my exams, so I don't get to relax...)


3 weeks:

A very nice Sunday! First all alone in the livingroom -

- then the mother found that she needed some time off ;-)

The puppy is tickling her ;-)

Between this...

and this....

and this.....

and this....

We used the very nice weather to get some fresh air aswell!

But we mostly enjoyed these today:

2,5 weeks, with their "big sisters" ;-)


Soon two weeks old:

In the photo to the right, male #4 on top, male #5 under and female #3 in the bottom right corner.

Dhamira and her son #6!

Male #1 in the left photo, and male #1, male #4 and male #5 in the right photo, from top.


Male #5 and 4 to the left, female #2 in Su's lap ;-)


Three days old: