We left for the cabin Thursday, with no idea about how the weather was going to be, since the weather report changed from hour to hour it seemed.. Actually, they were right, and we ended up with all sorts of weather, minus snow (luckily ;-))

There were very few birds, almost empty in the mountain.. So experience was limited, but ZoŽ's search improved a lot during the days, and we got to see one grouse, although we startled it as we climbed up on a small top. But it's been a rewarding weekend for all the dogs and for me ;-)

My travel company ;-) BB, ZoŽ and Dhamira. Ridgebacks aren't very good at waiting..

We started out with heavy fog, but the sun shone trough from time to time. The dogs didn't seem to bother much about the fog actually.

We took a lot of breaks, and even if it was rainy/wet and not very warm, not one of the dogs complained! That's quite strange with two Ridgebacks as company ;-)

They walked heel when ZoŽ worked in promising areas, and sometimes all three of them walked heel. We take up some space, luckily it's quite vast terrain instead of sidewalks ;-)

Beautiful scenery!

The very good pointer, she is constantly developing and we have a very good communication, I'm very happy for that!

Happy dogs!

Dhamira and BB found an interesting smell - so interesting that Dhamira HAD to roll in it.. The smell washed off before we got home ;-)

Time for break!

And  although the weather could have been better, the cloudberries were all mine, and the lack of competition might have been due to bad weather? Unfortunately, I had counted them off, since I thought I was over a week late for them this year, so I hade to sacrifice my lunch both days in order to bring some home with me.. I just cannot pick berries and eat them too, have this compulsory disorder about bringing them home to freeze them.. So Christmas dessert will be cloudberry cream this year!