Two weekends in March at the cabin!

The first weekend we had all sorts of weather actually ;-) We flushed some birds, and ZoŽ had some, but not very much, progress.

The last weekend before Easter had great weather, and great progress for ZoŽ, so it was a super weekend! And, the whole family plus all dogs attended, not bad ;-)

The very clever dog - has learned and matured a lot during March!

All the sleddogs got to run free on walks and enjoyed it to the fullest! Irish is used to this type of training, so she didn't consider it very special..

And while some worked, others relaxed ;-)

No, she was free to play all the time ;-)

Beautiful dog, beautiful scenery!

Life's not bad with a pointer in your lap a sunny Sunday!

On our way home we ran into these, who were walking the sleddogs.

Dhamira was actually the only ridgeback present, as Iza has been at Bintiyes house since we came home from Norway Trail with sick dogs. Don't want to risk anything with the pregnant ones after Dhamiras miscarriage in 2009!

Lunchtime!! Yes - the four-year-old is way to big for this baby chair - but she d e m a n d e d to sit in it and have her lunch ;-)