It is frustrating to be out in the woods here where we live in august and september because of the pestering little insect Liptoptena cervi (hjortelusflua), so in the middle of the week I decided to take Sunniva and the dogs where no such creature can be found. We loaded the car with mainly dogs, but some food, water and clothes as well, and drove up to our cabin, 1000 meters above sea level. The dogs loved it, below you can see how pleased they were:

Toby was the only one that went for a swim, that is - of free will.

This little fellow and his brother or sister (and this might be a female, too) followed us for almost half an hour, all the way home!

Very curious and unafraid of people this bird, Perisoreus infaustus, or Lavskrike.

Dhamira in play mood!


Very, very obedient dogs ;-)

Just to prove I was there...

Backpacking, of course!

Sunniva had lots of fun with a small pack of coffee, which she, obviously, wanted to make coffee from in the stove:

Look, mum - dogs!! ;-D

Sunniva watching the dogs playing (after a loooong walk, they still have tons of energy, I wish I had some of it...

Happy dogs on another walk.