I actually forgot to bring my camera (is that even possible??), so only bad cellphonepics, I'm afraid. But we had a much greater trip that the photos reveal! ;-)

A bit chilly arrival ;-) Even if we have Wallas to take care of us..

We went for a walk/combined training for ZoŽ on Friday, Su had a blast, checking out frozen water, climing high "Mum - I can see the whole world from here!" and playing with her doll (hidden behind the rock).

ZoŽ was happy too!

And then we went to visit the horses, Su feeding, grooming and even wanting to ride Disco in her new outfit (new helmet and pants!), but I persuaded her to wait until he is a bit older ;-)

But she got to ride Evita instead, and was quite satisfied with that, when she got to trot ;-)