28th of February 2010 - swimming lessons!

Toby was a bit too heavy to be in front in these masses of snow - he just drowned.. So Irish and Blondie in front, Toby behind.

Swimming lessons!!

Auntie Blondie and niece Irish ;-)

Find five faults between this and the pic below ;-)

And home for lunch!


January 2010 - first trips with Irish!

"Hi daddy, we're having fun!"

Unfortunately the largest dogs are nearest the camera, so Irish and Com are barely visible ;-)


The two-headed troll! "Hyre" ("Go right!")

Yess - that's the way!

And off we go again.

Sunniva is cheering, actually, "jah, jah" ;-)

A glimpse of Irish.

Happy dogs, happy musher! And happy passenger on the back.

CrazyCom (hopefully in whelp with Fun Racing Brimi!) and BlueEyedMinnie


Sunniva wants more, but the ride is over!

And excellent handling job by the photographer as well ;-)