06.02.11 - NLAK, Kornelija Butrimova

2AK/Very good    Good size, g bones, wrinkels on the schull, too high set ears and typical expression. Deep chest, g ridge, a bit too high in the croup. G ang of quarters.

05.02.11 - NSBK O/A, Francisco Ruiz Rodriguez

2AK/Very Good    Good head. Strong neck. Very good topline. G breast (? ;-)), angulation and tail. Position of ears too high. I really don't know what you're referring too? ;-) And I don't think it's nice to comment on the breasts of a lady ;-)

31.05.09 - NRRK, Richard van Aken

1JK, 4JKK, HP    63 cm. Livernosed. Fem head, g lenth of neck, g topline. Exc underline, reas ang, could have more compact toes front. G taillenght, moves well, well presented.

Mona Hansen

30.12.08 - Norsk Dobermannklubb; Harri Lehkonen

2nd best female 6-9 months, HP    Stylish young bitch, feminine head, quite well angulated front and rear. Corr proportions but chest needs to develop. Corr ridge, nice temper. A bit puppyish in movement.

25.10.08 - Norsk Miniatyrhundklubb

Best female puppy 4-6 months. I forgot the critique...