Kennel meeting 24.11.2007, with one Amboselilitter dog, two Bwindilitter dogs, five Chyululitter dogs and one Dodorilitter dog ;-) Plus some groupies!

Donjuan with his Boxer groupie ;-) Yes, it's a she Boxer ;-)

Bintu and Chuma - run for fun!

A Chyuludog interfering with Bintiye and Bintus chase..

Aisha, Donjuan, some Chyuludog and Chambo

Sisters chasing - Bintiye first and Bintu after!

Bintiye, 1,5 years old

Aisha, 3,5 years old

The Boxer, Donjuan and Aishas "sister" Milla

Donjuan and Chaka

Sweet Chaka posing!