New Years at Nøsen Fjellstue!

This is Nøsen, 906 mos and with a spectacular scenery..

View of the lake beneath and of course some of the dogs ;o) These dogs belong to Bjørnar Andersen and Team Norway, the dog to the far right is uncle to Baileys' pups; Viking.

Nøsen seen from the road. 

Tamio with her green coat for chilly days ;o)

Viking, Quarks brother and uncle to our b-pups this year. He participated in Iditarod last year, unfortunately he was dropped out with a mild injury. Best of luck next time!

Beautiful Viking!

Viking with his friend Mini.

Vikings four months old pups from Masi!


Binti is a bit bored and tired of waiting...

So this is what happened when she heard the youngsters and I heading off and Binti REALLY wanted to come along! Binti darling - you'll have to wait until your'e old enough and had your x-rays done ;o) If anyone wonders - the greyish stuff is down from her pillow...

Rulle, father of our first litter this year, out giving his little sister a lift! Mia is five years old and already knows ALL the commands a musher use and exactly when to use them too... Mostly we heard: "Jah, jah, jah!" (Come on - faster!)