Norwegian International 2007


These photos are from both classes we participated in, Walk and Trot Trail and Trail beginner. I have placed them in order of the obstacles from the patterns but not chronologically.


First backing up through cones - we got pluspoints from at least one of the judges on this one, unfortunately I praised Evita which is not allowed.





Walk over poles, we did great here with no touching at all. There was jog over poles afterwards, I have no photo from this, but Evita did just as great there.













These poles are elevated, we were to walk over them withouth touching which went smoothly.



The next hindrance was the bridge, this one was larger than we were used to and painted so Evita had to test with one foot before walking over which gave us some penalties. I praised her here as well so the rest of the penalty can be blamed on me ;o)




Sideways towards the gate. In the first class we failed to close the gate and got some penalties here too, but in Beginner the gate was no problem at all!









Through the gate...












And closing it (Beginner).













Serpentines - we got good scores on this element in both classes.













Just trotting (jog) here.









The bridge opposite direction than the first time, Evita was a bit anxious this time as well.













Backing up, opposite direction.










And from the prize ceremony, Evita and I placed 5th!