Ridgebacks as sleddogs!

This photo is taken by photographer Erik M Sundt, at an event by Oslomarka trekkhundklubb. We were hired to give kids with myelomeningocele/spina bifida a ride with the dogs, and I have Tamio the Ridgeback in front as a leaddog together with Bjørns old leaddog Sandy, Baileys and Manson behind. This photo was actually the front cover of Handikappnytt no 1 2002!! Super thanks to Erik for sending me this and other shots he took that day!

Baileys, Dhamira, Iza and Tarzan winter 2008/2009.

Baileys and Anansi in front, Tamio and Aisha behind. 2006.

Gelo together with Tyson far back, 2007.

Gelo, Toby and Baileys 2007

Irish, Cheetah, Dhamira and Zoë April 2012

Zoë and Dhamira February 2013

Dhamira March 2013 (She has pulled Bjørn all the way from far behind these two Labradors and a Terrier and their owners, overtaken them and turned left at his command ;-)