Bjørn towards the finish line day 1

The team Friday: Puma + Freia, Dawn + Idun, Indy + Toro

The team Saturday: Puma + Freia, Nora + Idun, Cassandra + Toro

The team Sunday: Dawn + Freia, Nora + Idun, Indy + Cassandra

Terje Mathiesen - Silver, Bjørn Lyng Pedersen - Gold, Marte Heilemann - Bronse in LMD 6 dogs at SOC!!

Freia and Dawn (blue eyes). Freia was supposed to run in point today, as it's her first race season and we wanted to protect her a bit, but she made such a fuzz and tried to "kill" her partner, so we switched her in front and that made everything ok ;-)



Bjørn in front, Kari Rørstrøm behind

Minnie reaching for some food ;-)

We went for a walk afterwards, for the dogs to loosen up a bit

Iza the maniac!