7 puppies born  22.11.19. 2 males and 5 females. 2 females with kinked tails. All ridges correct. No DS, no other faults.

Litterpage    Photos: Individual stacks

Name Meaning Sex HD ED Mentality Other
Tamani Male A/A
Tumaini   Female        
Tani   Female B/B 3/0  Stays in the kennel
Tunza   Female        
Tamaa   Female B/B 2/0    
Tambuzi   Female        
Takatifu   Male        



Hunting Prides Insinya Isimo (MH/DMA) Oppigårdens Solfångare (MH/DMA) Oppigårdens Karl Johan
Oppigårdens Nova
Aziz Aliliea Yejide (MH/DMA) Bawabu Sulemani Salimu
Hunting Prides Amboseli Aziza
Hunting Prides Nyanga Nitachunga (MH/DMA) Hunting Prides Dodori Dume Masithela's Famous Akinzo by Woody
Hunting Prides Amboseli Aisha
Mianta Berniece Baker Kwakiburi
Løveklippens Exelent Enitan
A'Pippi by Lemi