7 puppies born  01.08.20. 1 male and 6 females. 4 ridgeless, 1 male, 3 females. No DS, no other faults.

Litterpage    Photos: Individual stacks

Name Meaning Sex HD ED Mentality Other
Unathi She is with us Female Ridgeless.
Breeding terms
Ujana Youth Female       Ridgeless
Udo Peace/great fortune/power of the wolf Male Ridgeless
Ulani Cheerful Female Export Sweden
Uheri Good fortune Female        
Uzuri Beauty Female        
Urenna Father's pride Female       Ridgeless



Hunting Prides Liuwa Loga (MH/DMA) Hunting Prides Amboseli Anansi Rex Ventors Akeron
Hasselsnårets Norma Jeane Baker
Ridgerules Untold Treasure Prästen's Le Roy Light of Argos
Djungelkatten's Windflower To Priest
Hunting Prides Mayumba Mbali (MH/DMA) Exgates Unique Utah by Nelvis
Ökensandens Star Nelvis Von Wasco
Exgate's Queen Tuija By Forrest
Hunting Prides Insinya Ijaba
Oppigårdens Solfångare (MH/DMA)
Aziz Aliliea Yejide (MH/DMA)