Sunniva also got a necklace with a heart!

Waiting for the rest of the party to arrive


Dad - you can let go now! Let go!

You can take the flower as well!

Sharing apple ;-)

Two of our friends and our witness for the wedding (the grownup one ;-))

Would you like to marry this person standing next to you?

Luckily we both said yes ;-)

Sunniva as well!

Happy family!

Even though she didn't get the real deal in her glass, we will have to watch this one as she grows up.. Bottoms up!

A kiss for me...

A kiss for you...

Our other witness for the wedding!

The party is over!

And we're heading for Østmarka, Sunniva is happy about going camping.

Toby as well!

We're ready!!

15 kg on front, 15 kg on back... Evens out to be zero???

Fuelbreak ;-)

You say you want a break? OK!

Almost there, but this place was so windy and there were some guys nearby with two barking Gordon setters so we moved on...

To this place, with all the hvitveis, see it in the background?

A tired girl who lost her daytime beautysleep.

Helping out with the dinner!

Fresh mushrooms in the pan.

A hungry little hand who couldn't wait for mum to take the photo ;-)

Main course, delicious!

And finally, pancakes for dessert!

One for me....

Ok, mum, you can have a taste as well!

Helping dad with the tent, and off to sleep!

Some more firewood is necessary!

Toby wondering about the distance between us??

Ahhhh, much better!!

Toby can have the breakfast leftovers.

Mum, what's this????

You've brought me paper diapers??? (We never used them though, just for reserves ;-))

On the way home we met the owners of the stables where Evita lives, they were heading to Tonekollen for the day and wanted to take a pic with all of us in it.

We stopped at Vangen for lunch!

And thought we'd spoil Sunniva with some soft drink, but by the look of it it's not the first time she's had one...

Trip's over, back to the sivilization!

Thanks to everyone who helped us out, we had the weekend of our lives thanks to you!!