12 puppies born  11.07.21. 2 males and 10 females. 1 male died after three days. One female with 3 crowns, three offset ridges. Two umbilical hernia. No DS.

Litterpage    Photos: Individual stacks

Name Meaning Sex HD ED Mentality Other
Yahmina   Female        
Yatima   Female        
Yenka   Female        
Yasimini   Female        
Yakini   Female        
Yeshi   Female        
Yembe   Male        
Yakuti   Female        
Yana   Female        
Yaya Yetunde   Female        
Yenyeli   Female        



Ridgedogs Heartbreaker Bayod Exgate's Unique Utah by Nelvis
Økensanden's Star Nelvis Von Wasco
Exgate's Queen Tuija by Forrest
Ridgedogs Celebrated Nala Garrys Choice is Simsela Atlas
Ridgedogs Atractive Kimya Fariba
Hunting Prides Pendjari Pangani (MH/DMA) Evergraces Reliable Rudo
Rex Ventors Hero to Evergrace
Rex Ventors Iyeliz
RL1 Hunting Prides Jozani Jamila
Inanda Mellberg Otto JV of Ersted (MH/DMA)
Hunting Prides Hwange Hija (MH/DMA)