Rugdelias SZG ZoŽ


Approved for animal assisted activity


Correct bite, full dentition

Photos - at Rugdelias

At 4 months, she weighs 14 kg

At 7 months, 20 kg, app 56 cm at withers

At 10 months 21 kg, 62 cm

At one year 23 kg and 62 cm


Soon 3 years old ;-)

ZoŽ as a therapy-/visitingdog, and training in the garden!

2 years old

Aug 2012

1 year old!

ZoŽ 10 months old

ZoŽ 4 months old

8 weeks old

ZoŽ sleeping... and sleeping... She IS awake from time to time! Most of the day, really ;-)

ZoŽ at her breeders place, learning about heritage and the nice smell of grouse ;-)

ZoŽs beautiful father Grym

And her gorgeous mother Zenobia


I spent quite a while searching for the right combination before I found the one, and ZoŽ is very much longed for!

I must say that it was because of Toby that I didn't choose a wirehaired GP this time - not because I didn't want one but because I would constantly compare the new one to my beloved toiletbrush.

So, this time it is a shorthaired little girl who will enrichen our lives, from the famous kennel Rudgelia. They have a great reputation for making superb hunting dogs with impeccable temperament, and I really fell in love with their description of their bitch Zenobia. I met Grym, ZoŽs father, at the World Championships at Holmenkollen (dog mushing), and he was not only a very pretty dog, he also has a sweet and calm personality and is well known for his hunting abilities.

ZoŽ just made a huge leap into our hearts, and has very much settled in with the rest of the dogs and especially with Su, who thinks this puppy is hers.. And it seems they will be the best of friends! After just a few days we find ourselves in love with this clever, funny and forward girl, she is as sweet as they come and a perfect addition to our pack.

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Zorro von der Hansaburg
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