Aisha as a baby, playing with Ronja the standard poodle and her mother Tamio.

Ajabu and Aisha at a puppyshow, 2004.

Beautiful and the incarnation of goodness -  Fåvne, father of the Bwindilitter and a very good friend of ours ;-)

Fåvne, Tamio, Aisha and Freke playing on the fields. Fåvne to the left, Freke to the right.

To the left, Tamio, Aisha and Anansi, 2006. To the right, Ingunn and Fåvne training ;-)

And gorgeous Akeron, father of the Amboselipups and my all time favourite ridgeback male. I loved him a lot - and asked his owner Maria to let him move to Norway many times ;-) But she never agreed!?!

Tamio sleeping in the sun.

My three beautiful girls, from left Aisha, Tamio and Binti. Beautiful ridges too!

Fåvne and Aisha 2006

The whole extended family ;-) Fåvne, Binti, Aisha and Tamio.

Gelo just arrived in Norway, nine months old, freezing ;-) Tamio to the right.

Beautiful Bintiye!

Binti and Gelo waiting for some action,  handler class with Gereard O'Shea

Gelo not satisfied with the treats or the handler?? ;-)

Tamio watching the youngsters play, Sheriff, Gelo and Binti

Binti in the dogyard in May 2006, Baileys laxing in her doghouse in the background.