Hunting Prides Liuwa Lengo


ED: 0/0



At 7 months, 63 cm

At 18 months, 69 cm

At 20 months - 70 cm, 40,5 kg


Lengo 10.08.16 - 7 months old

Lengo 08.06.16 - 5 months old











Lengo was pretty quick to convince me he should stay. He has the same happy growling as his grandmother had, and I melt like ice in the summer ;)

He is also a very cool boy, much like his cousin Donjuan, and being a fast learner and a very sensible guy, well.....

The mentality test showed that he is much of what I thought - only with more curiosity. He tested overall very cool, can react to fearful situations but seeks them up to check afterwards. A very balanced and sweet boy!