Photo courtesy Hege Dufseth



 Hunting Prides Amboseli Ajabu


 HD -A, AA - A

63 cm, 37 kg

Missing to lower P1 in otherwise correct bite





Ajabu (amazing, astonishing) is co-owned with me. He is one of two liver puppies of this litter, born as #5 and he is a gorgeous boy with lots of attitude.

He has the best from both parents, he is a curious and brave boy with no fears and balanced guarding, yet a lovely and sweet character and very friendly.

He has no white markings and beautiful dark eyes and pigmentation. His ridge is long and symmetrical.

Ajabu is used in practical hunting , primarily for forest living birds. He searches, startles and fetches the prey and enjoys it to the fullest! Perhaps not what the Ridgeback was ment for, but this allround breed is like the potato ;-)