12 puppies born 06.02.04, 1 correct male stillborn. 7 males and 4 females, one (two registrered) incorrect ridge (one crown) and one kinked tail. No DS or ridgeless puppies, no excess white and all males have both testicles fully descended.


Name Meaning Sex HD ED DM Mentality Other
Abayomi Born to bring joy Male          
Anansi Trickster god Male A/A A/A      Father of the Liuwa-litter 2016
† 2016
Ayo Joy, happiness Male A/A A/A     Was registrered as ridgefault but has correct ridge. † 2015
Akilah Intelligent one Female         Exported to Sweden
Ajabu Amazing, astonishing Male  A/A  A/A     † 2010
Abebi We asked for her and she came to us Female A/A A/A     Exported to Sweden
Aziza Gorgeous Female A/A A/A     Exported to Iceland, one litter (5+5)
Akida Chief, leader Male A/A        
Aisha Woman Female A/A A/A   MH Co owned, mother of Dodorilitter
Ahi Brother, friend Male         Exported to Sweden. † 2015
Aman Peace Male A/A A/A      † 2008



INT NORD DKUCH FIN S V-01 WW-02 Rex Ventors Akeron
S FIN UCH Djungelkattens Imbue Ridged Isak CV Loustigens Dancing Nelson
S UCH Djungelkattens Cachet Ridged Cobra CV
NORD INT UCH SV-97 NV-98 FINV-98,99,00 Bearstar Diamond Willow CV
AUST CH Bearstar Ko
AUST CH Bearstar Chilean Willow
Hasselsnårets Norma Jeane Baker
Lövfällan's Harrasch S UCH Firedance's Flambeau
Lövfällan's Calida
Oppigården's Rosiga Raisa CV
Oppigården's Jesper Julgröt
Maridadis Foxy