If you take a look at these portraits of Dhamira, and compare them to her uncle FŚvne here, you'll see some similarities... ;-)

Su and Dhamira horsing around.

My extremely sweet and funny GSP!

All my four legged prides and joy.

Su giving ZoŽ a very nice, but somewhat squeezing hug ;-)



ZoŽ wondering why we don't go for a walk on such a nice evening...

So we did - the next day! Beautiful weather, summer temps and very satisfactory to have lunch on top of the world!




Back on the cabin, some more playing around ;-) Three year olds have so much energy so short a while after they were "dead tired" from walking ;-)

Posing time!

Su's aunt has made her (and her cousin in due time) a tree hut! VERY exciting and very private ;-)