Hunting Prides Insinya Ijaba

ED: 0/0


Pedigree and litter info

63 cm, 32 kg

Correct bite, full dentition



Pics from MH

July 2014, 18 months old!

July 2013 - 6 months old

With big bro (or more likely a far uncle of some kind ;-))

Out on a boatride - maybe a bit chilly? ;-D

Better on the beach then..



















Ijaba remains co-owned by us, but will be living with uncle Diwani and his lovely family of two- and fourlegged ;-)

We are very happy to have a correct girl from Iza ;-D

She was very self confident as a puppy, reminding us about her great grandmother Tamio ;-) We hope that she will continue to remind us about her, the steady and confident old lady!

She has the same approach to noisy  (potentially dangerous) stuff as her mother Iza -instantly check it out... A bit too unafraid, but in other situations luckily a bit more consideration before action ;-) She is a very calm and easy bitch to have in the house, and adjusts very easily to new situations.

At 20 months, she did her DMA/MH, showing very balanced reactions troughout. It is not easy to upset this girl in any way, she answered the test battery with little energy except in the play situations ;-)