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30.12.08 - We went to a show today, brought Iza and Dhamira and Isack came as well. Very nice critiques, Iza was second best female puppy, Isack was awarded honours prize and Dhamira got a first prize but unplaced in a very large junios class. No pics as of yet, I hope to receive some by mail soon ;-) Critiques on the individual pages for the dogs.

22.12.08 - Merry Christmas to all our friends and relatives! iza and Dhamira on the frontpage for Christmas ;-)

18.12.08 - Some pics of Minnie and Iza here!

17.12.08 - Updated and rearranged on the huskypages, the team updated with new dogs and info, litterinfo updated with upcoming litter and pics to come shortly! Links updated with new huskykennels.

12.12.08 - Updated info about Iza on her page, height and weight. I promise some fresh pics soon, my camera lens is broken and I'm waiting for it to be repaired. I've been promised to have it by Christmas!

10.12.08 - New exciting mating, more info here! Husky for sale, young and promising female leader!!

29.11.08 - Isacks (Donjuan) critique and result from Hamar last weekend at his page. Plus a few new pics taken by GT of our charmer. Chambo has A hips as well!

17.11.08 - Chambos elbows free (A), he had to take new x-rays of his hips as the first photos were of too poor quality to be judged at NKK... So we wait patiently and hope the vet has done her job better the second time. Chambo and Tonje on our frontpic, Chambo trying to convince her that it is too cold for a Ridgeback to sleep on the ground ;-)

08.11.08 - We had Starsky (Chetu) over for a visit, new pics (of terrible quality,I'm afraid) at his page.

03.11.08 - Chanecias elbows also free of dysplasia (A)!

31.10.08 - Chanecias hip scores has come back and they are perfect (A)!

25.10.08 - Isack (Donjuan) BOS with CC today, Iza best female puppy 4-6 months!!! Isacks critique here (I forgot to pick up Iza's critique), and I hope some sweet soul will email me the BOB/BOS pics from today as I didn't bring my camera... But I remembered BOTH dog and baby, and a chair for myself too! Thanks for all nice comments and gratulations, it was as always great company ringside and lots of helpful people. It's not that easy to manouvre carriot, puppy and lots of gear around a dogshow packed with people and dogs ;-)

24.10.08 - New frontpic of beautiful Iza - upon request from GT! Also one new photo on her page.

21.10.08 - Updated Izas page with some info.

18.10.08 - New kittenpics here!

14.10.08 - Ayos page updated with new pics!

09.10.08 - We met up with beautiful Frøya (Busara) today, here's some pics!

07.10.08 - New frontpic of charming Sunniva with tracksuit from the eighties! And some pics of Iza all tangled up in one of her toys here.

05.10.08 - Bajun bd2 at the international show in Kongsvinger today, beaten only by Thanzi (on a winning roll), and we almost don't mind that ;-) Thanzi, of course, grabbed both the CC and CACIB, so Bajun didn't become a champion this time. Best of luck next time Vegar and Anna Lene! I hope someone can mail me some pics as I was more than occupied with baby AND puppy this time ;-)

03.10.08 - My parents have a new dog, six months old Pepsi, a Lagotto Romagnolo! She's a clever little dog, some pics here.

27.09.08 - My two boys Ajabu and Donjuan have done remarkably well at theis MH's - Donjuan at barely one year of age! The MH in Norway is unofficial and I used the same examinator as with Tamio to be able to compare the tests. Donjuan tagged along just for fun, but this boy has more to it than just good looks as it seems ;-) (We knew that, of course!) You find the protocols at their pages; Ajabu, Donjuan and Tamio. Also, Azizas MH here.

24.09.08 - Updated huskies and kittens for sale here!

08.09.08 - I found some new old pics of Binti, Ayo , Anansi and Abebi when I searched trough my computer, their pages are updated .

07.09.08 - Ajabus breeding plans updated with planned litter here!

03.09.08 - Check out the coverdog on this years student calendar for the University in Oslo! Wonder who it is?? This lady ;-)

27.08.08 - Two new pics of Ajabu on his page! Thanks to Hege for excellent cameraservice ;-)

25.08.08 - New pics of our garden here AND some pics of Sunniva 4,5 months enjoying her new toy here!

24.08.08 - Ajabu and Donjuan has been in Drammen at a dogshow today, critiques here and here.

19.08.08 - We have celebrated Sunniva this weekend and visited friends and doggyfriends! Some pics here.

15.08.08 - Fresh stack of Nadinja (Dhamira) at her page.

10.08.08 - Fresh stacks of Isack (Donjuan), twelve months, here!

06.08.08 - Some pics of Iza and Isack (Donjuan) who's here on holiday ;-)

29.07.08 - Sunnivas two front teeth on display ;-) Updated with Bajuns latest show results. Planned litter page updated with litter plans!

27.07.08 - Ajabu best male but without champion quality and Dhamira best bitch with honours prize for judge Gunnar Nymann in Moss/Råde today! Critiques here and here. Hunting Prides Bwindi Bisa is xrayed, hips and elbows perfect! The whole Bwindi litter, eleven (!) pups with perfect hip results and besides one that has not had the elbows xrayed yet, all perfect here as well! What a litter! Of Tamios 28 pups all 19 that is xrayed has been scored with excellent results and the six pups in the Chyulu litter is still waiting to be old enough (we wait until eighteen months).

26.07.08 - We've been to a show in Moss, Ajabu and Binti was shown in open class, Ajabu for the first time since junior class at nine months! Critiques here and here. Sorry, no pics as I went alone, but here's some pics from today at home.

25.07.08 - Welcome little Iza! A little more info here. Updated with fresh stacks ;-)

13.07.08 - New information about Ajabu the hunting Ridgeback.

11.07.08 - Since I have no dogs here at the moment, I'll have to spam you with pics of Sunniva having a very long conversation with her buddy Alfred.

09.07.08 - My mum wanted to take Sunniva and me to our cabin in Etnedal, Valdres this summer so we spent last week there, beautiful weather and a really nice vacation. Nadinja and the poodle Ronja (mum's) enjoyed the hikes but not so much the mosquitos ;-) An awful lot of photots here.

29.06.08 - Some pics from today here!

28.06.08 - We've been to the international show at Bjerke today with Chuma and Nadinja (Dhamira). Critiques here and here. They did great but no placements today. A nice debut in junior class though! No pics as the camera was left behind but fresh stacks of Dhamira on her page.

26.06.08 - Finally, six week pics of Nala's pups here!

25.06.08 - New pics of my boys Chuma and Ajabu!

17.06.08 - Chambo has followed his aunt Hazel's footsteps this weekend and tried agility, some pics here (courtesy Ann Sissel Steinsveen), Chuma did a tracking course a few weekends ago and Chetu was awarded best dog at his obedience class! Littermates with working abilities ;o) Our handsome brothers from the Bwindi litter has been strutting their stuff in the showring recently, Bajun with his second CC on his second try and furthermore BOB and BIG! Devil (Bora) and Exon (Boma) went to the same show in Sweden, Devil placed third in open class males and Exon was awarded first prize. A few pics here ("stolen" from Exon's website).

10.06.08 - Belated three week pics of our relatives on Iceland, headshots here.

09.06.08 - New pics of Kira (Chanecia), Leo (Chifu) and Chuma.

21.05.08 - I knew Nala had done a very good MH, but I never knew how good until I read the report myself! It can be seen here, only in Norwegian so far. Her mother did a very similar MH some years ago, she's a bit more playful but otherwise their scores are almost an exact match.

13.05.08 - Chambo best male four at the Norwegian speciality show today, on his first birthday! Isack (Donjuan) was placed as fourth best junior male with champion quality on Saturday but was unplaced in the best male competition. Sunday he was picked put among the top five junior dogs but ended up as reserve just outside placement with honour prize. As he is only nine months he has plenty of time to mature and we're very pleased with our two junior dogs competing this weekend! Thanks to Jannicke, Akinzos owner, for handling Isack for me, that was great. Pics from the day here!

Also, Nala has given birth to twelve puppies, info and pics here! And at home we have to kittens born the same day as the pups, one male and one female ;o)

Summary of 2007/2008:

In late November 2007 the first computer died after long and faithful service, packed way too full with photographs, programs and documents. I initially was told that it could be repaired, but later it was evident that the damage was total, luckily my dear cousin the computer fixer had already managed to save all the content to his server and I'm eternally grateful for this ;o)

We have a laptop as well, but this was meant for Bjørn to use for schoolwork and I didn't want to pack it full of unnecessary files and programs so we decided to buy an external hard disk for saving all pics and stuff onto. Then there was Christmas and both we and my computer fixer had lots of things to do, in addition to all family get-togethers and such we also have had to redecorate each our room for baby purpose and so time went on without much concern about the computer problem. When we finally had time to get together we got to the point where everything worked - and then the damned computer died on us...

Anyone that wants to hear my opinion about computers??

Well, now it all should be working, I have tons of work ahead updating the homepage and only so little time until we get a demanding little addition to our family... So please be patient and keep your pants on - it will all be in due time ;o)

First of all I can inform that all the dogs are fine, Aisha, Binti, Chuma, Dhamira and Donjuan with their families and Tamio and Gelo back home. Gelo is now known as auntie Gelo, he was castrated some months ago as the new x-rays didn't show any improvement on his left elbow and it is only so much fun to have an intact male together with an old lady that has had all her litters for her lifetime but denies to realize it herself ;o) Dhamira and Donjuan has started their show career in grand style, with 3 x BOB, 2 x BOS and 2 x BIG2 (the first time we didn't stay for the finals), both behaving great and showing much hope for the future. Super thanks to Eva and Ann Kristin for taking so good care of my little ones!

Now 10 of 11 Bwindi's have been x-rayed, all with perfect hips (A) and elbows (except one not x-rayed elbows yet), we're immensely proud of these great results! Young Bora (Devil) has had success in the show rings as well, winning his class at the Ridgeback speciality show in Gothenburg earlier this year with champion quality.

Bjørn has raced some this season with a team of inexperienced dogs, yet they have done great, winning to races. Now we have four yearlings from last years litters plus four puppies after Com and Brimi born 05.02.08 and Cassandra (Wiraqs Tempo X Diatz) who we bought from Marte Heilemann for next years youngster team plus one team with some experience.

We also expect our own A-litter later parts of March, due date is 30th but it can happen any day now (if anyone wonders I'm already a bit tired and bored since I've been immobilized for the past months and I would like it to be sooner than later actually) ;o)

Because of this, Evita hasn't had a lot of training this winter, but I hope to be able to get her ready for a western show or two this summer if we're lucky!



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