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We occasionally breed litters of race dogs for our own racing in mid distance. From time to time we also sell puppies from these litters so feel free to get in touch if you want to buy younger or older dogs from us!

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30.07.2017 - Long time, no see ;-) We had a quite lousy season last year, luckily teaming up with Hans Lindahl on Norway Trail so that he could get some decent placements for the duo. We know what we did wrong in training, and will try to come back this season - if the training conditions improve this winter. With full jobs, two children with evening activities and horses and other dogs to take care of, we haven't got the opportunity to train for extended time periods where there is snow and good conditions, so we are limited both geographically and time wise. But we still love this sport, so in worst case scenario with shifiting warm/cold periods and lot of ice we'll just make the best of it and when the kids grow up we hope we still have the passion for racing ;-) We sure have the passion for the dogs and breeding, and was hoping for a litter from Fun Racing X (Frode Haugan is the owner) and Tom Andres' nice stud Thor. But the timing might have been off and the bitch was empty, so we are getting two puppies from Hans and Maren Lindahl out of Fun Racing Drama and Tom Andres' other stud dog Gunner instead. We'll do a litter with Thor at a later point, maybe next spring if possible :-) Looking forward to having Lindahls Buddy and Lindahls Freidig here in a couple of weeks!

01.02.2017 - Bjørn won his first race for the season - a very nice training race arranged by Hamar and Jarlsberg sled dog clubs :-) Updated the race dog section.

15.07.2016 - Ice's litter is born, 2 females and 3 males!

06.06.2016 - Noras litter consists of 3 females and 5 males. Two males are available with lead dog guarantee!

29.04.16 - We have two litters coming up this spring, Nora is due on the Norwegian national day, 17th of May, and Ice will be mated short before that, with puppies due mid July and delivery in September. We look forward to having puppies from our two sweetest bitches this year! More info under litters.

19.03.16 - Nora has been mated to Woody from team Lindahl!

15.11.15 - Training is good, the team is rolling on and we look forward to racing this season ;-D

04.01.15 - We had a very nice New Years celebration at Hamar, starting all the puppies in harness, eating good food and the two girls mushing and having fun!

04.12.14 - Some photos of dogs we have sold - they make good family dogs as well! ;-)

18.11.14 - We have two young dogs for sale, harnessbroke and trained for mid distance/sprint, born 2013!

26.07.14 - Pics of the Hexa x HP Pund puppies at 6,5 weeks app!

23.06.14 - Finally pics of Nora and Sirius' puppies, 8 weeks old!

07.06.14 - Our great lead dog, proving herself in Alpen Trail 2011 among other races, HP Nora, has puppies with up and coming Sirius, 2 males and 4 females. Good looking puppies, long legged, slim and forward and since we love the mentality and personalities of the parents we know that we will love these as well. We also have Hexa here, she is pregnant with the very good lead dog Pund who really had his break trough at Norway Trail in 2012.

28.02.14 - Updates with litter plans!

23.01.14 - Updates at the teampage!

30.09.13 - Some updated on the teampage! Training is good, we have been at Sessvollmoen training lead dogs and having a bbq on bonfire, which was great!

02.07.13 - Stacks of the Rino x Idun puppies 8 weeks old!

22.06.13 - Photo of Rinos latest girlfriend and of his puppies with Idun at the litters page!

05.06.13 - The puppies are growing steadily, new photos soon! Some photos are daily posted on our Instagram account.

21.05.13 - New photos of the puppies!

02.05.13 - Rino and Iduns puppies are born, 3 males and 3 females! Etta gave birth to 9 puppies some two weeks ago, so Rino is proud father of 15 puppies so far!

31.03.13 - Rino has had a good start on his stay in Norway - he has raced two races with fastest run day one of the Hamar Hundekjørerfestval and silver in the Norwegian Championship. He has mated Crazy Dogs Etta (H. Ingebrigtsen) and HP Idun in February and Kira (O.M. Jystad) in March. Etta and Idun are carrying puppies, with expected birth in two weeks and one month respectively. Kira is just mated. We went to Hamar first day of Easter for a small training run, Bjørn with the puppies while I skijored with a ridgeback and a german pointer, and later we had four adult dogs each, training on passing and just having fun.

01.03.13 - Some pics from the dogyard and the team updated with new photos of some of the dogs! Dollar is for sale, more info here or here!

26.02.13 - Idun and Rino is mated, fast and intense sprint/mid-distance sled dog puppies expected late April 2013!

24.02.13 - We've raced the Norwegian Championship, where we finished second this year.

20.02.13 - The update frequency have been quite low this season, sorry! More about our season at the team page, and more about our planned litter between super leader Idun and Egil Ellis import Rino at the litters page!

06.01.13 - We have raced the first race of the season, the Hamar Hundekjørerfestival. More about the race and a very few cell phone photos here!

01.01.13 - Happy New Year!! Some photos of sleddogs and other dogs here!

02.12.12 - Bjørn has spent the weekend on snow - harnessbreaking the puppies!! They did G R E A T ;-D Some pics of the puppyteams here!

29.10.12 - I have updated the sections about the health information regarding our breeding, our breeding goals and past and previous successes to reach those and our education/courses!

26.10.12 - Some pics from today's training!

13.09.12 - The dogs have had a relaxing summer, with some training. The puppies are looking wonderful (see new photos at "The team"!)and we almost can't wait to harnessbreak them! And we have been so lucky to import a dog from Egil Ellis, more pics and info soon ;-) He is a lovely dog, very calm and quiet, right now fast asleep after a long and tiresome journey.

06.07.12 - New various pics of the dogs and the puppies!

24.06.12 - The Team is updated with pics of current dogs!

12.06.12 - New pics of the huskypuppies together with the ridgebackpuppies!

03.06.12 - New pics of the pups! Stacks as well ;-)

20.05.12 - New pics of Dawn and Plutos pups, and of the newborn colt Disco Dancer! Individual pics of the pups at the litters page.

26.04.12 - A couple of pics of the puppies here! Unfortunately we lost the firstborn boy, he must have passed away in his sleep, very quietly.

24.04.12 - Bjørn has been awarded Oslo's honours prize for his race results in 2011!

20.04.12 - Individual pics of the pups on the litterpage!

19.04.12 - We have a huge litter with very uniform puppies, big, shorthaired and beautiful colours!! Read about the birth and see the first pics here!

03.04.12 - Dawn has been taking on the shape of a Dachshound rather than a husky, and with 2,5 weeks to go, we think there will be a few puppies for sale from this litter ;-) Pics here!

02.04.12 - Zoë has been included in the (small) team! ;-) Pics here.

21.03.12 - The Gallery updated with all albums from 2011, and a new for 2012!

19.03.12 - We got a third place in Norway Trail, pics and report here!

09.03.12 - Bjørn in third place before the final day at Norway Trail, we are crossing our fingers and hoping for advancement ;-) Some pics here.

29.02.12 - We are preparing for Norway Trail next week, hoping that spring will take a break during the race and come back afterwards. The pups and Toro will stay at home in good care, while the rest of us drive to Lenningen ;-)

17.02.12 - Some pics from todays roadtrip here!

16.02.12 - I got some pics of dogs we have sold, namely Irish's siblings and their father Bruno, see them here! In this litter we have a led dog percentage of over 85%, that's nice statistics! New, very exciting litter in planning - with lead dog guarantee - more info here!

10.02.12 - I found some old pics in an album and digitalized them - see them here!

05.02.12 - Some pics of the dogs here - mostly ridgebacks but the occasional husky and german pointer as well ;-)

29.01.12 - Norwegian Champion 2012 and fourth place at Hamar this weekend, in the Norwegian Championships in mid-distance, more about that here!

09.01.12 - We have raced Hamar Hundekjørerfestival, for the first time in 12-dog class - and Bjørn and the team did great, winning their first race of the year. Pics here!

22.12.11 - To all our friends and family - Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!!

21.12.11 - Even more pics of the pups here ;-)

18.12.11 - New pics of the pups here! The light yellow male will probably not be for sale anyway.. But maybe the black one! ;-)

15.12.11 - Some pics of Irish here. We still have a male puppy for sale, the light yellow one - he seems to be a large boy like his father with a very outgoing personality!

12.11.11 - New pics of the pups here!

15.10.11 - Another Saturday at Sessvollmoen; this time together with team Movassbakken and Calibros! Pics from the day here.

08.10.11 - Pics from this weekends training camp at Sessvollmoen here!

05.10.11 - 21:00 - 6 pups - 3/3. What a litter, from our expectations about one or two pups.. Amazing! Pics of all six here!

                  20:00 - And now we actually have got five pups!! Com really had us fooled this time, and suddenly we remembered how insecure we have been the two previous times as well. This tiny little bitch manages somehow to hide her puppies far, far up front; behind her ribs, so that her belly seems almost empty ;-) More pics will come tomorrow.

                  18:00 - We have pups! Com has given birth to two pups 62 days after mating with Indy, both pups daddylookalikes ;-) One bitch, one male. Pics here!

28.09.11 - Su joined in on an evening training session the other week, pics here!

17.09.11 - Some various dogpics here!

20.08.11 - The teampage is updated with pics of all the youngsters! Some photos from the dogyard here.

20.03.11 - We won the silver! More pics here, and some words about the race at the team page

19.03.11 - Some pics from the World Championships here! We're currently in second place after two days of racing, hoping to cut down on the gap tomorrow ;-)

02.02.11 - Planned litter updated!

29.01.11 - We are selling Puma, see the team or for sale for more info!!

28.01.11 - Finally the rest of the pics from Alpen trail here! Some words about the season so far at the team page.

25.01.11 - 1st place in the Alpen trail 6 dog class!!! Pics and report will follow very shortly.

09.01.11 - Bjørn has arrived near the start of the Alpen trail arena and Sunniva and I are following by plane and train later this week. Left behind in good care is the four youngsters and their mother, plus the Ridgebacks. Super thanks to Bjørns mother and brother for taking care of house and huskies and Mona and the Skjønhaug family for letting my two precious be your houseguests while we are gone! Pics of the "leftover dogs" here ;-)

16.10.10 - Yes, we are training! Pics from today's leaddogtraining here.

25.07.10 - Irish on her first trip in single lead, went great!!

13.07.10 - We've had a great weekend with team Movassbakken at their summerhouse in Sweden, a few pics here!

30.06.10 - Pics from our weekend here!

22.06.10 - The teampage is refreshed and some new pics! Pics of Irish and the other dogs in the garden here.

02.06.10 - Some new pics of the dogs running in the dogyard here. Dog for sale here!

11.05.10 - See pics from our wedding here!!

06.04.10 - Pics of the pups 5 weeks standing here!

05.04.10 - Pics from our Easter holiday!

28.03.10 - Updated the team with info on each dog.

24.03.10 - Pics of the pups here!

14.02.10 - Some pics of the dogs, running loose and playing in the dogyard ;-)

07.03.10 - Gold medal! Pics here, results here.

06.03.10 - Bjørn is still holding the #1 position, doubling his very small lead on Terje Mathiesen from yesterday and Marte just a "dog switch" behind, so no time for mistakes or bad judgement tomorrow! No pics from today, the handler was very nervous at the finish line ;-)

05.03.10 - After the first day of SOC, Bjørn has a very marginal lead on Terje Mathiesen with Marte Heilemann just seconds behind! It is going to be a thriller weekend for sure ;-) Pics here.

03.03.10 - Com has given birth! More info here - with first pics!

28.02.10 - Com is getting bigger by the minute it seems, it's hard to remember from last time but we think she's a lot bigger.. New pics of today's swimming practise here!

23.02.10 - Com is definitely in whelp, we could feel several puppies today!

14.02.10 - Silver medal in the Norwegian Championship! Pics here, raceresults here.

13.02.10 - Bjørn is in second place after day one of the Norwegian Championship, 3.26 behind Øystein Varhaugvik and with Lena Haugen in third place, 12min+ something behind Øystein. The team consists of Puma+Freia, Idun+Dawn and Toro+Indy. Puma wasn't running like her usual self today, we're not sure why and haven't decided whether to let her join or rest tomorrow. I'm happy to tell that Blondie is back with us at the kennel, to be Irish' partner in the leaddog position with Kamilla this season. Toby is a bit too wild and big and pushy for Irish to handle at this point ;-)

08.02.10 - Not much to tell, we're preparing for the NC this weekend, some slightly injured dogs, Irish is doing great and has had quite a lot of sledrides with Toby the braque as her leaddog partner, Com is very pregnant and Minnie is trying to convince us to put her on the racing team already this season ;-)

10.01.10 - Second trip with Irish today, pics here!

09.01.10 - I have had my first sledride this winter, with Com, Minnie, Toby and Dhamira at first, then I switched Dhamira with Irish for the last lap ;-) I'm extremely happy that not only did Irish pull like an experienced sleddog, without any trassle or hesitation at all, but Minnie, our one-year-old ran in lead with the same intensity and focus as she has further back in the team - AND she could stand still in front waiting, without a sound!!! This is really a future hope, and I'm afraid we have to fight over her, Bjørn and me...

07.01.10 - Updated on the team, and raceresults from Hundekjørerfestivalen.

03.01.10 - Bjørn won LMD, more info and pics here! Com is bred to Fun Racing Brimi, his offspring from this combination in 2008 - Freia, Idun and Toro were on the team this weekend, and Nora would too, but she got cut in the paw in the dogyard a few days ago. Look at Litters page for more info.

02.01.10 - In the first race of the season (and the year!), Bjørn is currently in lead, some seven minutes ahead of Jan Roger Norup and Lena Haugen as # three.

30.12.09 - Finally some updates after a long time of silence! Our great leaddog and producer Com has come into heat just in time to mate her at Hamar, when we can pick sire from a vast number of great leaddogs from all around ;-) More info about her previous litter here, more info will come when the decision has been made!

04.10.09 - New frontpic of Irish and some pics of Irish with Su and the dogs here!

07.09.09 - The Superbikes have now moved to their new homes, except Irish, who stays here. Updated the team page.

17.08.09 - New pics of the Superbikelitter 6 weeks old here!

09.07.09 - 7 pups from Puma (Tiger x Twist) X  Bruno (Quark x Baileys) born 08.07.09,with delivery early Sep. Pics here!

26.04.09 - Updated the racedog page with our present team, some pics and a few words about Baileys.

10.04.09 - There will be no puppies from Baileys as she died peacefully in her house sometime during the night. We miss her sorely and grief both her and the unborn pups we longed for.

31.03.09 - Baileys and Brille successfully mated 2. and 3. of April! More info here!

15.03.09 - Kamilla has raced Seppala race this weekend, well, almost raced the Seppala race ;-) Since the sled broke between 1/3 and 1/2 into the race, I had to scratch as I couldn't manoeuvre it at all. On the team was Dawn and Com in lead, Puma and Twist in point and Pluto and Kiwi (lent from Terje Mathisen, thanks Terje!) in wheel. It was a really fun race, very demanding and very varied and well organised!

01.03.09 - Bjørn and the dogs are Norwegian Champions!! More here. Info about the race and team here.

28.02.09 - Positions have changed after day two, now Lena Haugen is in lead, one and a half minute before Terje Mathisen with Bjørn only seven seconds behind him! It will be an exciting day three with a lot of chasing ;-) Results here.

27.02.09 - After the first day of the Norwegian Championship, Bjørn is app. three minutes behind Terje Mathisen and two minutes behind Lena Haugen. More here.

17.02.09 - We had another lovely trip on Langen today, this time with Baileys and Tarzan in lead and the two RR's in wheel. Sunniva loves it, and the dogs too!

11.01.09 - Sunniva has had her first real sledride today, super thanks to my precious Baileys who led us safely, together with Dhamira the Ridgeback! Iza the Ridgeback and Baileys' grandson Tarzan also did a good job, Tarzan did a great job actually ;-) Sunniva sat on my back in a mei tai made of a sheep skin, inside a warm jacket especially made for carrying babies so it has an opening for her head in the back. She was very excited, when we stopped she would make leg movements back and forth in order to start the ride again. No wonder that's exactly how one makes a horse go forward!

09.02.09 - Some updates on the racedogs.

05.02.09 - Updated the litterpage with very exciting upcoming litter!

The homepage is rebuilt so that the husky pages have a menu of it's own and all pages are administrated by the new menu line below. Enjoy!


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