News 2010:

30.12.10 - New pics of Etana from the show today, where she placed as #2. Bintiye has started her season, so the pups will be due in March with delivery in May if all goes according to plan!

26.12.10 - We hope you had a great Christmas and wish you all the best for 2011!!

18.12.10 - Emeka, Enzi and Ekundus pages are updated with pics!

14.12.10 - We have found a very exciting new sire to our planned Faro-litter this spring with gorgeous Binti, check out the Faro-litter page!!

I've re-arranged the pages for the Bwindi-, Chyulu-, Dodori- and Etoshalitters, adding the old planned litters pages where available.

11.12.10 - Some pics of Su attending to the the physical care of the dogs ;-)

09.12.10 - Silje sent me this hilarious pic of Leo (Diwani) as a ballerina/angel together with his little shoe eating, dragon little sister ;-) I just had to post it, larger version can be seen here!

28.11.10 - Some fresh pics of the dogs out in the woods here!

22.11.10 - We have testet for DM and all three we tested from the Dodorilitter (Donjuan, Dume, Dhamira) are carriers, while Iza is free/noncarrier. If you want to test your dog you can order a testkit from OFA and test yourself, just swab the inside of your dogs cheek and deposit the cells on a piece of paper (enclosed) which you return to OFA by regular mail.

14.11.10 - Iza has been x-rayed with A elbows!

11.11.10 - Our dear Chuma has died in a terrible accident, only 3,5 years old. My thoughts go out to Eivor and Christian, who have lost their companion and friend much too soon.

07.11.10 - New stacks of Iza, Etana, Donjuan and Dume at their pages! A bit cold for both dogs and handlers and Dume is a bit skinny today but you get the overall picture ;-)

01.11.10 - New pic of sweet Etana on her page!

26.10.10 - Some fresh pics of Evita, Sunniva and I here!

17.10.10 - New pic of Etana, 12,5 weeks old at her page!

13.10.10 - Some golden oldies here!

12.10.10 - New pics of Chambo and Chanecia on their pages!

11.10.10 - Enzi has got company of his sister Etana, whom we will have here for a week. We went for a walk today, pics here!

07.10.10 - All the pups are now sold. We have a new litter planned winter 2010/2011, check litters page for information!

02.10.10 - We have one correct boy left for sale with the most magnificent, long ridge. He's a charmer! Pics here.

27.09.10 - New mixed pics of the pups here!

13.09.10 - Dume from the Dodorilitter has one great elbow (A) but his left elbow had some minor changes (C).

12.09.10 - Mixed pics of the Etoshas here! Some pics from todays boat and fishing trip here!

11.09.10 - Now, finally stacks here and headphotos here!

07.09.10 - So much to do and so little time.. The six week stacks will have to wait until the weekend, there are not enough time in the evenings for all that should be done... Enjoy the frontpage pic of the sweet correct bitch meanwhile ;-) Dhamiras litter brother Dume is x-rayed with A hips!

04.09.10 - More pics of the Etoshas here!

03.09.10 - 5,5 week stacks here, super thanks GT for invaluable help! The divorce is postphoned ;-) Some new mixed pics will come during the weekend.

25.08.10 - We gave it another try, but both ours and the puppies' patience had run out.. So if anyone know of a good solicitor, send me a mail ;-) Stacks here.

24.08.10 - I'm sorry, but there is no stacks from four weeks, as I spent more time educating my photographer than stacking the pups, with the end result of only one decent pic (to be seen above). But headshots from today can be found here, and we'll probably give it another try if the divorce doesn't get through first ;-)

22.08.10 - A few pics of the pups from today here! Sorry, but since Su is very fond of the pups she's also in most of the pics, if not all.. ;-) Our gardenproject here.

21.08.10 - Updated Donjuans showresults with his critiques from Oslo Double.

18.08.10 - Finally - 3-week stacks here! The computer died on me, now I have a brand new, plus software. Thank you my helpers, I owe you! ;-) Mixed photos here.

04.08.10 - New individual pics of the pups with the new handler here!

31.07.10 - Individual pics of the pups four days old here!

29.07.10 - Some pics from today ;-)

27.07.10 - 6 pups are born, four males and two females. One female and one male were without ridge, the rest with beautiful, long and perfect ridges, no kinks, no sinuses detected so far, and beautiful dark masks and colours. Very little white. Pics here! ;-)

25.07.10 - Still no signs of delivery here, but I'm having difficulties with the patience, as this is litter is long awaited and deeply longed for!

21.07.10 - A tour from the start of our gardenproject until today here.

20.07.10 - A new pic of Dhamira, 57 days into pregnancy here!

13.07.10 - Dhamira 50 days pregnant here! Some pics from our holiday with team Movassbakken here.

02.07.10 - Dhamira 40 days into her pregnancy (of 63 days), new pic on the litterspage!

30.06.10 - Pics from our weekend here!

28.06.10 - New pics of Dhamira at planned litters page, 34 days pregnant!

21.06.10 - Many pics of the dogs just hanging out in the garden here! Dhamira is almost certainly in whelp, but it is not confirmed by ultrasound yet. See more about the coming litter here!

30.05.10 - Bajun BIG2 today!!! New stacks of Dhamira and Iza on their pages. A series of pics of Su walking the cat and laxing on the veranda with Dhamira ;-)

29.05.10 - Some photos of my beautiful girls here!

26.05.10 - Bajuns showresultpage updated with his results from the Norwegian Ridgeback specialty show, he placed as #3 in a large open class with champion quality!

25.05.10 - Litter in progress/Ridgebackkull på gang!! I've been to Malmø, visiting Ahi for the first time since he left home as a puppy, pics at his page!!

12.05.10 - New pic of Donjuan on his page!

11.05.10 - See pics from our wedding here!!

10.05.10 - Updated Donjuans showresults with the critique from Bergen.

18.04.10 - Donjuan 2nd best male at NKK  int show in Bergen!

04.04.10 - Pics from our Easter holiday!

24.03.10 - Pics of the huskypups here!

15.03.10 - Pics of all the dogs in the dogyard here!

12.03.10 - I'm sorry - I've had some pics of Izas sister Saga on Iceland for a while, but I forgot to upload it, now I have and you can see the pics here. Sorry!

28.02.10 - New pic of Toby on his page and of todays training (or swimming practise) here!

24.02.10 - Updated info about Toby. Huskypups expected in one and a half week, more info here.

20.02.10 - Troja and Donjuan has been mated today, puppies expected late April with delivery in June! More info here or at Kennel Adorea.

18.02.10 - Updated with some old and new pics of Evita! We're waiting for Trojas heat to reach optimal timing and still waiting for Frøyas heat to start. Lot's of waiting in other words ;-)

14.02.10 - Silver medal in the Norwegian Championship! Pics here, raceresults here.

08.02.10 - Troja is in heat so we expect mating within one to two weeks, more info here! Toby and I have been at Vasetdansen with NVK (Norwegian German Pointer Club) this weekend and has learnt a lot, and he is training hard as a sleddog as well ;-)

29.01.10 - Updated Donjuans showresults with critique and photo from the Norwegian Winner show!

10.01.10 - Pics from todays sledride here!

07.01.10 - Updated our photoalbums with all the albums that were "laying around" ;-)

06.01.10 - I just want to thank all of you for your kind words with the missed litter, and I can assure you that Dhamira is in good shape, other than some extra weight ;-) She'll be fit in notime, when the stitches are gone and I can excercise her with the rest of the dogs as the true sleddog she is. It's time to harnessbreak Irish too, so I really need her in the team as she can go in front unlike her cousin Iza. Some pics from earlier winters here!


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