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30.12.09 - Updated with new pics of Iza, Dhamira and Donjuan, and some new links. Also updated the sleddog page with a new, exciting litter very soon!

30.12.09 - After a long period without computer and lots of both hardware- and software trouble, we are back online. Unfortunately with some very sad news, Dhamira who was supposed to have her puppies today didn't get into labour, so a cecarean section was performed and revealed only one correct fullborn, but sadly dead bitch puppy. Three other remnants of pups was found. So, we have to cross our fingers that Frøya (Busara) will soon come into heat, and that Troja at Adorea also will follow, so that some HP-pups will give us joy during the spring. Sire for Busaras litter has been decided, go to planned litters page for additional info!

But, some happy news as well, old news though, but still news - Donjuan was BOS with the final CC to become Nuch at the Norwegian Winner show, also gaining the NV-09 title to his name, and even with a CACIB in his pocket. We're thrilled, of course, and can't wait to see his coming pups at Kennel Adorea!

12.11.09 - Finally, I've had the time to edit all the pics I got from Kenzos (Dirikis) family, take a look at his page! I have updated with a health section (only in Norwegian) for both the Ridgebacks and the Huskies, go to About us and click on the photos of each breed.

08.11.09 - Frøya (Busara) has been to a show this weekend, and placed third best open class bitch with a very nice critique saturday, sunday first prize but no placement. Now that she has lost some weight she ran very nicely too ;-) Critiques and photo here (bottom of page)! Sire of her coming litter will be announced in a little while!

28.10.09 - Dhamira and Kenzo was succesfully mated and we hope for a lovely bunch of puppies in the Christmas holidays! More info here or here in Norwegian!

27.10.09 - Fresh pics of Donjuan at his photopage! We're off to Sweden to meet Enzo, keep your fingers crossed ;-)

14.10.09 - Abebis page updated with fresh photo!

13.10.09 - Updated Chifus page with some photos!

07.10.09 - Some fresh pics of the pony, she's still alive ;-)

06.10.09 - Bajun has a new homepage, visit him and his horses here! I've received some pics of Izas brothers Aladdin and Bjartur living on Iceland, see them here! If you have a sibling from this litter I would love to see photos!

05.10.09 - Kenzo (Diriki) har perfect hips and elbows (both A)! We're waiting for some fresh pics of this boy ;-)

04.10.09 - New pics of Chetu! Some pics of Su and the dogs here.

24.09.09 - Pics from Izas MH here and Dhamiras here!

20.09.09 - We've been to Sweden to meet Enzo, the sire to be of our coming litter later this year, and both Iza and Dhamira has done their MH's. Iza is a very playful dog with stable reactions and gunshot proof, Dhamira is like her brother Donjuan a very open and accessible dog with curiousity and very little aggression, also gunshot proof. The test protocols can be found at their pages, pics coming soon!

14.09.09 - Lots and  lots of pics from last week here!

08.09.09 - Diwani wants to tell you how he finds sleeping most comfortable - and how he solves it when nothing is comfortable... Here!

02.09.09 - I found some old pics of Aisha, and made a new album with these! Also some old pics of the Ridgebacks here and an album I forgot here.

31.08.09 - Chuma has perfect elbows as well (A)! He is now Tamios 24th offspring with perfect hips, 22nd with perfect elbows and that is 100% free (A) of those who are x-rayed!!

29.08.09 -  Donjuan fourth best male with champion quality in Drammen today! Critique here.

28.08.09 - Donjuans sperm has been tested today and it was in perfect condition ;-)

27.08.09 - I've updated Dhamiras photopage with some old pics and Sunnivas album with pics of her and the animals we have ;-)

26.08.09 - Some new pics of Sunniva and Irish here!

20.08.09 - Planned litter advertisement here!!

18.08.09 - At last some news - and great news too! Chuma has hips A, waiting for the elbow result!

17.08.09 - Sorry, still not frequent updates I'm afraid. There are not much to tell, still struggling with this spleen and trying to get back into shape. The dogs are doing just fine, a bit lazy summer but Ridgebacks are very forgiving, luckily ;-) We're planning a litter this fall, the planned litters page will be updated as soon as everything is formalized. The dam and sire to be is decided and we're very excited about this mating! There might also be a litter in the spring, more details later. Pics of the huskypups here!

09.07.09 - There hasn't been much updates recently, I'm sorry! I have been hospitalized most of June with a broken spleen (milt), now I'm home but still not myself as all muscles has gone for a holiday and my energy levels are extremely low. I'll soon recover, if only my apetite could return ;-) New frontpic of Sunniva, Tussi (the blue stuffed animal), the panda, Iza and Nadinja in one happy cuddling bunch! We had pups from Puma the husky yesterday, check out the litterpage for more info!

31.05.09 - Devil (Bora) BM3 at the Norwegian Ridgeback Speciality Show this weekend, winning a large open class of 20 dogs app!! Dhamira Best Ridge, Iza 4th best junior bitch (18 entries) with honours prize and Isack (Donjuan) 4th best intermediate male. Dhamira, Frøya (Busara) and Bajun with second prizes today. Pics of Donjuan here, Iza here, Dhamira here, Busara here, Bora here and Bajun and Bora here! Bora's and Busara's critique here, Donjuan's here, Dhamira's here and Iza's here.

24.05.09 - Bajun BOB and BIG2 today in Ålesund!!! Critique and pic here!

22.05.09 - Pics from our latest family excursion in our album!

13.05.09 - Leah (Dhuria) has been x-rayed with hips clear (A) but unfortunately with C elbows, ruining my great statistics ;-)

26.04.09 - Bajun BOS yesterday with his fourth CC! Critique here. Iza and I have been to a klicker training weekend class here, very exciting! It's fun to train with her as she's so eager and focused, but she's still a Ridgeback though ;-) Not as eager and focused as the Kelpies and other dogs present...

20.04.09 - Some belayed updates: Bora and Tias pups are here, more info here! Sunniva is one year old and we have celebrated her this weekend, our big girl!

02.04.09 - We are sorry to have to inform you that Troja has at some point lost her puppies. We look forward to see Boras pups be born in a couple of days though! Happy birtday to my sister who turns 25 today (strangely, as I don't remember having a twin sister???) ;-D

24.03.09 - Diwani x-rayed with perfect hip scores (A)! Devil (Bora) has been to a show for Norwegian judge Espen Engh, where he placed reserve in a very strong open class with champion quality and a very nice critique!

19.03.09 - Donjuan is currently leading the Norwegian "Gullhundliste", number one male showdog in Norway from only 4 shows!! What a great boy we have ;-)

13.03.09 - Troja is confirmed in whelp by an ultrasound scan today! More information at Kennel Adorea or here.

03.03.09 - Chetu also has elbows free: AA-A!

01.03.09 - Bjørn is Norwegian Champion 2009! The dogs did a great job, the musher as well. And remember - behind every successful man is a woman ;-) Check out the racedogs for more info!

28.02.09 - Bjørn is in third place at the Norwegian Championship after two days, final day tomorrow! He is seven seconds after number two and one minute and 41 seconds up to first place.

24.02.09 - Devil (Bora)'s girlfriend Tia is confirmed in whelp, puppies expected week 15, delivery early June!! More here.

21.02.09 - Donjuan 2nd best male at NKK's international show in Bø today, beaten only by Thanzi who became champion today, congratulations!!

19.02.09 - We do not differ between dogs and children in this household ;-)

15.02.09 - Donjuan and Troja has had two succesful matings. More here!

14.02.09 - Gunn Tove has been a photographer today, new pics at Donjuans page, Izas page and Dhamiras page. Thank you so much!

10.01.09 - I'm very excited to present Donjuans first mating, more info here!

01.02.09 - We had lovely Leo (Diwani) over for a visit today (with his owners, of course!), a million pics here of him and the girls playing in the dogyard! And new pics of Dhamira on her page and photopage.

31.01.09 - Isack (Donjuan) once again BOS with his fourth CC today, BOB was lovely Luna (Esperanzas Conception). Isacks third consequent CC on three outings so far this year! Dhamira first prize with a nice critique. Critiques and pics here and here.

19.01.09 - Ajabu and Tuija have been succesfully mated, fingers crossed for a nice litter! Isack (Donjuan) on the frontpage, posing in the wind and snow.

12.01.09 - And even more great x-ray news - Dhamira has also elbows A and Chetu has hips A!! AND Donjuan A on both hips and elbows!!! I'm so happy!

11.01.09 - Donjuan 2nd best dog with his third CC today while Dhamira placed as 4th best bitch with champion quality!!

10.01.09 - Donjuan with his second CC at a show today, Dhamira was awarded Honours Prize! Critiques here and here!

06.01.09 - Great news, Dhamiras x-ray results are back and perfect! (A) Some pics of her and the other dogs here.

05.01.09 - New pics of Sunniva and the dogs here.

05.01.09 - The front page photo was removed, to make space for more important news. My heart bleeds for all people that have had their lives influenced and also destroyed by this conflict and I wish there was more I could do.

04.01.09 - Bjørn and the racedogs won the first race of the season (and of the year) at Hamar this weekend! On the team were Com and Dawn in lead, Twist and Cheetah in point and Leo and Puma in wheel. The young dogs were great, showed us that they have both speed and stamina. Some pics here. And a photo of Dhamira from Leto at her page, thanks Marianne!

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