News 2013:

25.10.13 - Tia stacked at four months of age at her page! Sorry for slow and few updates, there will probably be the same rate for a while as we go into the last four weeks waiting for little sister to arrive ;-)

30.09.13 - New stack of Hija on her page!

11.09.13 - A new stack of Tia on her page!

22.08.13 - Just a month between every update... Well, we have a huge update, we welcome little Tia into our pack! The other dogs loved her from the first second, and so did we. She's a treasure!!

22.07.13 - Some new photos of Donjuan, Diwani, Ijaba and Isimo!

22.06.13 - New photos of the dogs at their pages; Zo, Dhamira and BB, plus of Evita!

05.06.13 - Some photos a day are now posted on Instagram, updates concerning offspring, litters and such will still be updated at the webpage, along with photos sent to us from our puppybuyers ;-)

23.05.13 - A brand new stack of Hasani and Haiba plus photos of Hagos and Hija on the Norwegian National Day!

15.05.13 - New stack of Zo as well!

11.05.13 - BB has done her mentality assessment today with flying colors! Her test can be read here, and a fresh stack from today at her page. Happy birthday to the C-litter and to Iza and belated to the G-litter!  Not often I remember birth dates.. ;-) Photos of Chambo, Gumu and Iza and Ijaba and Diwani!

28.04.13 - Some new photos of Disco from this weekend!

23.04.13 - New photos of Imarika and Ijaba!

08.04.13 - Some new photos; Gashi, Gumu, Hagos, Hamidi, Hija, Ijaba and the dogs and horse at home!

24.03.13 - New photos of Ijaba and Isimo!

18.03.13 - New photos of Ghamma, Gumu and Isimo!

14.03.13 - Some pics of the dogs playing!

12.03.13 - Today, the puppies joined me to the stable, helping out! Photos at the Insinya mixpics page.

11.03.13 - Mixpics of the Insinyabunch with all sorts of other animals ;-) A couple of new photos of lovely Haiba!

09.03.13 - Photos of beautiful Hamidi and Diwani on their pages ;-)

08.03.13 - A bit belated, but waiting for something good ;-) 7 week stacks of the gorgeous Insinya litter!

01.03.13 - Mixpics of the Insinya litter! A photo of their big sister Gashi on her page ;-) We have been out fishing and mushing ;-)

27.02.13 - New stacks of the Insinya litter, I had to use two different camera's when the battery went flat, so two of the photos aren't very nice. Might give it another try tomorrow ;-)

25.02.13 - Photos of  Hija and Hasani playing!

24.02.13 - Five weeks came and went without stacks of the puppies, sorry! We've had other things on our minds, among other the Norwegian Championship, where we finished second this year.

19.02.13 - The puppies have been outside for the first time, and another chapter in Zo's training towards a real GSP is finished!

17.02.13 - Fresh stack of Hasani, 14 weeks old!

16.02.13 - Mixed pics of the puppies and the other dogs!

15.02.13 - A new photo of lovely Hasani on his page, and some pics of our dress-up flamingo!

13.02.13 - 4 week stacks of the Insinya litter!

10.02.13 - Both BB and Zo are now approved for animal assisted acitivity, ie visiting dogs, with the Red Cross in Ski and Anthrozoology centre in s!

08.02.13 - Individual photos of the Insinya litter!

07.02.13 - Some new photos of Disco, soon 9 months old!

06.02.13 - New stack of Hija, 12 weeks old!

05.02.13 - 3 week stacks of the Insinya litter! And photos of lovely Hondo and Chaka that I forgot to post, sorry!

04.02.13 - Some new photos of Ghamma, Enzi and Hagos!

01.02.13 - Mixpics of the Insinyalitter! New photo of Disco Dancer, strutting his stuff ;-)

28.01.13 - Sorry - a belated presentation of the Insinyalitter!

26.01.13 - BB BOS today at a show, critique and photo at her showpage!

24.01.13 - A photo of our beautiful Hija!

23.01.13 - Mixpics of the Insinyalitter! Some new photo's of their big brother Gubua.

20.01.13 - Mixpics of the Insinyalitter, plus a snapshot of gorgeous Hamidi ;-)

17.01.13 - Some new pics of the Insinya puppies ! ;-D Also some pics of their liver big sister Gashi!

16.01.13 - The Insinya litter was born tonight, there were five puppies but one stillborn, correct female, so we have one female and three male puppies. More about the litter at the Insinya litter page!

12.01.13 - Photo of Iza 8.5 weeks pregnant at the Insinya litter page!

09.01.13 - I have updated the information about us and our breeding!

07.01.13 - Photo of Iza 7,5 weeks pregnant at the Insinya litter page! New pics of Evita and Disco.

06.01.13 - An eventful weekend!

03.01.13 - The Hwange litter has visited the horse!

01.01.13 -  Happy New Year!!  The puppies have been visiting the sleddogs again, in the nice weather ;-)