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 Welcome to the homepage of Hunting Pride, breeder of Rhodesian Ridgeback and German shorthaired Pointer in Norway.

If you have any questions about the dogs, litters or breeding, please feel free to contact me! Puppy inquiries always welcome.

I hope you enjoy your visit, please come back soon!

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02.04.23 - Valpene har kommet til verden <3 Vi har noen få ledige valper, ta kontakt på kennel@hunting-pride.com eller mona@wayosi.no om du er på leting etter en trygg, stabil, sosial og uredd ridgebackvalp!

11.03.2023 - Vi venter Rhodesian Ridgeback valper i april med levering tidlig juni <3 Les mer om kullet på planlagte kull.

20.04.2022 - Vi venter valpekull denne våren, som blir født i mai med levering rett før fellesferien. Kommende mor er Hunting Prides Kafue Kamili, som venter valper med Juliagårdens Rusande Vår.

10.02.2021 - We're hopefully expecting puppies in April! Read more about the litter at the planned litters page. Vi venter forhåpentligvis ridgebackvalper i april! Les mer om det kommende kullet.

28.11.2020 - 2020 came and has soon passed by without much updates on this website. That is due to several incidents, the birth of Sofia the last in November 2019 maybe the largest contributor ;-) I have installed the software I need to update the website to my laptop, so maybe, maybe... I'll do some general cleaning up here and there, and then we'll see. Hoping for a litter of Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies in January 2021!

27.02.2019 - We have 10 puppies from HP Kafue Kala x Exgates Unique Utah by Nelvis! More info about the Ruma litter here :-)  Vi har 10 ridgebackvalper etter Hunting Prides Kafue Kala og Exgates Unique Utah by Nelvis. Noen fÃ¥ valper ledige av begge kjønn. Mer info om Ruma kullet her :-) Bilder av valpene fra første dag her!

31.01.2019 - Planned litters page updated with our litter plans this spring/summer :-) Er du ute etter Rhodesian Ridgeback valp avlet for mentale egenskaper? Det vil bli valper leveringsklare i april-juni her, med mentaltestede foreldre, som er fantastiske trygge, avbalanserte, uredde ridgebacker med meget gode mentale egenskaper. Ta kontakt dersom du er ute etter valp; kennel@hunting-pride.com

28.12.2018 - Ok. I admit that this website has been terribly neglected the past year, time hasn't allowed for it.. We are planning to have puppies this spring, more info to come!

14.01.2018 - I have made a page with stacks of the Pendjari puppies from the three sessions they have had. There are still a couple of puppies available, at least one female and possibly a male. We are looking for experienced homes, with desire for dog sports like obedience, tracking, show or other activities. Contact us by mail kennel@hunting-pride.com if you have any questions!

 05.11.2017 - We hve had three dogs attending mentality test with flying colors, HP Liuwa Lengo, HP Mayumba Maliki and HP Mayumba Mbali. We have also a new Rally Obedience title, HP Jozani Jamila can put RL1 in front of her name. She is hopefully excpecting puppies with RLD N RLD F RLD A RLD M Evergraces Reliable Rudo!

20.07.2017 - So long time and so few updates!! (Or none :-) ) Well, lots have happened, a short summary of recent happenings: Lots of great HD and ED results (all A's and 0's!!) on the Liuwa litter and Mayumba litter. Lots of great mentality test results, from the same two litters. Since I own a little bit of him still, I'll mention Mayumba Maarubu especially - he has done a great test and is x-rayed with the best possible results as the rest of his litter. Some of these have also got their own pages, check out the litters page for more info. We currently have three puppies from our super HP Kafue Kamili and Juliagårdens Tristan.

23.10.2016 - Hunting Prides Jozani Jamila and Hunting Prides Kafue Kala has done their mentality tests with flying colors this weekend. Great test, great dogs, showing how breeding for mentality traits really pays off!

02.10.2016 - This has been the best summer ever, with three litters from three different breeds, and watching the 20 different personalities develop trough the weeks here has been such an exciting journey! The Nyangalitter has now flewn the nest, except for sweet Nitachunga (Nita, #1) who just had to stay. With her mothers charm and this super open, curious and unafraid nature, she was a keeper for sure. The Royal litter has also mostly left, we have kept Valeria (#6) for ourselves, and Nero (#5) has not found his forever home yet. But he is such a lovely boy, that we need to find his new owners pretty soon, otherwise there's a fair chance he'll presuade us to stay too... ;-)

19.08.2016 - Stacks of the Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies 4 weeks and 3 weeks old ;-)

10.08.2016 - New photos of Hunting Prides Liuwa Lengo and Lazima on their pages! Mixed photos of the rhodesian ridgeback puppies and the german shorthaired pointer puppies ;)

27.07.2016 - Photos of our Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies, our German shorthaired pointer puppies and the sleddog/Eurodog puppies :D

25.07.2016 - BB's puppies are born! 4 males and 4 females, all correct and sound ;-D

12.07.2016 - Photo of BB 49 days pregnant with Hunting Prides Nyanga litter at the litter page!

11.07.2016 - Blog updated! I have written a post about why we find early handling of puppies so important.

01.07.2016 - We are pretty sure that both BB and Zoë is pregnant with our upcoming litter of rhodesian ridgeback puppies and german pointer puppies! We have not done any ultrasound scan, but they are showing bellies with strong signs of puppies living there <3 <3

16.06.2016 - A new blog post about grief and bereavement <3

06.06.2016 - We post some thoughts and experiences about rhodesian ridgebacks, dog related research, training, tips and other stuff on our blog from time to time!

01.06.2016 - We're expecting puppies this summer, both Rhodesian Ridgeback and German Pointer litter due late July with delivery around the aumtun break! BB and Zoë are both 5 years old this year, so in order to still have their first litter at a reasonable young age we decided they should both be bred at their spring/summer heats. And as they have done most things together during their lifetime, this will also be a shared experience for them ;-D

26.05.16 - Last November I had to remove a lump from Dhamiras front leg, and the results from the biopsy was not what I hoped for. We gave her some great last six months, where she literally swam in puppies, which was her joy - to be able to nurse, play with and teach puppies all that she knew. I have dreaded the day I had to say goodbye to her, but as I saw her getting worse I wanted her to go before her quality of life was reduced to a point we didn't want to live with either of us. This weekend I said my goodbyes with her head in my lap, and she now rests beneath the cherry trees in the garden beside her grandmother, watching over us as they used to in life. I have no words to describe the loss and the sorrow I feel loosing one of the mot beautiful souls this world had to offer. I will love you forever <3

10.03.16 - The Mayumba litter was born 3rd of March, many days earlier than I expected. The puppies are doing great, they are big, fat and happy, and the mom is just super. More info here! The Liuwa litter has flewn the nest, and we get lots of happy updates from their new families. They are house trained very fast, and seems to be outgoing, but calm and sociable puppies, just as we hoped ;-)

26.02.16 - Mixed photos of the Liuwa litter here, and their litter page here.

15.02.16 - New stacks and headshots of the Liuwalitter!

05.02.16 - The Liuwa litter are all sired by HP Amboseli Anansi! And just a week or so after the Liuwas have flewn the nest, the Mayumba litter will be born, more info here!

03.02.16 - Sorry, the three week stacks have been out for a while but with no link, so here is the 3 weeks stacks and the 4 week stacks ;-) Some of the puppies are bigger than others, and they appear as older both in physical and mental development. But it will even out with age, and now with two mums everyone get their fair share of milk and attention ;-D

11.01.16 - Individual shots of the puppies here!

05.01.16 - We have 12 puppies in the puppy box, Tia is a wonderful mother, taking very well care of them. Pics and updates will come after some sleep ;-)

29.11.15 - After a thunderstorm this summer, our computers all died, and we have been using tablets since.. But now, with brand new laptop, the website WILL be updated again! It will take me a while to get through, but one small step at a time ;-)

03.06.15 - Due to work and domestic responsibilities, the Kafue litter 5 week stacks were skipped. But here are Kafue 6 week stacks, enjoy!

30.05.15 - I am so happy to tell you that Imarika has done his mentality test (MH) today, with as nice results as his marvellous siblings! In pouring rain he went trough the whole test with loads of play, even when the shots were fired he wanted to know if there was a better game where they were fired than the tug-of-war he was playing with his owner ;-) That means that all Insinya dogs have done their mentality tests, except sweet Isoke who died tragically in a barn accident at less that one year of age. I am so pleased with this litter, and proud of you all! I know their owners feel they have grey hair from time to time, but I feel that is worth it when your dog is so unafraid, courageous and curious as this lot is. Thank you all for taking so good care of your dogs, and canalising this positive energy into something nice! I sincerely hope that Isimo has given his offspring some of his unafraid nature and happy personality, then they will be my dream come true <3

25.05.15 - A few photos of the Kafue litter and Jabari stacked and portraits!

19.05.15 - Stacks of the Kafue litter 4 weeks old!

13.05.15 - Stacks of our four Kafue puppies 3 weeks old!

27.04.15 - Individual photos of the Kafue litter nearly 1 week old!

22.04.15 - The puppies are here! After having to get veterinary help to deliver #1 who came in a very difficult position and got stuck, the remaining three was also born at the veterinary office. Three correct females and one correct male. Mum and babies (and breeder/mid wife!) are doing fine ;-)

15.04.15 - We are impatiently waiting for the Kafue litter, due any day from now until mid next week. Brand new stack of beautiful Dhamira while we wait,  at the Kafue litter page!

07.04.15 - New stack of Dhamira, mother to be of our Kafue litter - 7 weeks in whelp.

01.04.15 - A photo of Dhamira, 6 weeks pregnant, at the Kafue litter page. No April fool, there are puppies ;-)

10.03.15 - The Jozani puppies have mostly moved to their new homes, and we get messages and photos of very happy puppies and owners. We love that! Jamila and Jabari will be a part of our pack, Jamila living with auntie Egamisha and Jabari...well.. We don't know yet! ;-) Now, we will have a couple of weeks pause before the long awaited last litter from our favourite Dhamira will be born mid April, she is showing clear signs of being in whelp with the Kafue litter - sired by our own Hunting Prides Insinya Isimo!

04.03.15 - Jozani mixpics from their past week!

25.02.15 - The Jozani puppies have been outside for the first time (the weather has been really bad since we came home from holidays), pics at the mixpics page!

22.02.15 - The three girls in the family has had a wonderful winter holiday in Hungary while Bjørn stayed home to take care of puppies, dogs and cats ;-) While we were away, the long awaited Kafue litter is now in the making - see litter page for more information! Puppies expected mid/late April with delivery mid June. Perfect timing! More photos of the Jozani litter mixed and individual. There are still a few puppies available from the combination of gentle and lovable Hija and Otto, see the Jozani litter page for details about the litter!

12.02.15 - Portraits of the individual puppies in the Jozani litter here!

10.02.15 - Some photos of the Jozani puppies this week ;-)

04.02.15 - I have stacked the pups, in two rounds, and even if it still is a bit too soon for a couple of them (and the focus is far off the puppies in some shots), the stacks can be seen here ;-)

30.01.15 - A few photos of the Jozani litter! Since they have lost a week or so in development, there will not be any three-week stacks, but I will try to take some individual photos ;-)

23.10.15 - Finally some photos of the Jozani litter's first two weeks! We have had a horrible diarrhea in the puppy pen for the last week, but now they finally seem to have started to gain some weight again.

10.01.15 - The Jozani puppies have arrived!! Huge thanks to Marie at kennel Inanda Mellberg for letting me use your fabulous Otto! The puppies were born 9th of January - 14 puppies in total, of which 9 males and 5 females. All puppies with correct ridges. One female had a cleft palate and could not lactate and the last born male died of oxygen deprivation during birth. We have 8 males and 4 females! No sinus detected so far. We are over the moon with this litter!

06.01.15 - New tummypic of Hija the hippo!!

02.01.15 - New photos of bursting Hija at the Jozani litter page!

26.12.14 - New photo of Hija at the Jozani litter page!

22.12.14 - New bellypics of pregnant Hija at the Jozani litter page! And info about our next litter at Kafue litter page ;-)

20.12.14 - A couple of photos of pregnant Hija and her buddies from today at the Jozani litter page! Charming Chambo is looking for a new family, read more at his page.

11.12.14 - Our fantastic Hija is showing very solid signs of being in whelp with our Jozani litter, and we are so happy! This is a mentally bomb proof bitch, and she is mated to a like wise male, so we expect to be totally in love with the pups :-)

15.11.14 - After a two year long break, BB re-entered the show ring this weekend, with very nice results. Tia had her show debut at nearly 17 months of age, showing like a pro. My great girls!

10.11.14 - We are hoping for puppies in the beginning of next year!! More info at the planned Jozani litter page ;-)

05.11.14 - Finally I've added photos from Hijas mentality test earlier this fall ;-)

20.10.14 - New stack of Hija and Isimo!

14.10.14 - We are very happy that Isimos x-ray results came back with top scores on both hips and elbows!

05.10.2014 - Ijabas brother Isimo has done his dog mentality assessment (DMA/MH) today, and w h a t a dog!!! This is a dog with almost no fears (he was scored with a 3 in the ghost-fear subtest, 8c; but that was only because he heard someone play with a dog behind him and turned away from the ghosts to see what they did instead. As you can see from the play subtests, this dog loves to play!). He also has a ton of curiosity and plenty of play and sociability, still maintaining the ridgeback dignity (but only just ;-)). See his protocol at his page!

28.09.14 - Hija did her mentality test (BPH) last weekend, and Ijaba did hers (DMA/MH) this weekend, with flying colours both our youngsters! Being two quite different personalities, but very steady both of them. Test results/diagrams can be found trough their individual pages!

21.09.14 - New stacks and headshots of our beautiful girls Hija and Tia!

01.09.14 - Tia is HD-A and AD-A!

08.08.14 - Some new photos of Evita and I at cross country camp this summer ;-)

05.08.14 - I'm sorry to have to inform you that both BB and Dhamira were left empty this time, so there will be no puppies here until next heat. This means that Donjuan is most likely not fertile, despite his semen tested and found perfect in July. So for BB we will have to come up with another male. We are so immensely sorry that our fantastic Donjuan will have no offspring, as his mentality is really what I find the breed to be all about. We hope that some of his nature will live on in the offspring of his sister Dhamira, who also possess a lot of his qualities - just in the female version ;-) We also have to congratulate them on their seventh birthday today, the whole Dodori litter!! Such a great litter this turned out to be - SO good with people and children in particular, horses and all animals, they are playful and dignified at the same time and have so many of the breed qualities I treasure so highly in this breed. My highest hope is to breed more dogs like these in the future!

09.07.14 - We have two litters in the making - both BB and Dhamira have been mated in end June/beg of July and so we look forward to a very busy autumn!! Check out the Jozani and Kafue litters on their respective pages. (And yes - there might be that the order of the alphabet is violated with these two litters, but they will stay named as given ;-)) We are so lucky to have Ijaba here with us for a few days, new photos on her page.

19.06.14 - The next few days will be very exciting as BB finally has come into heat! Mating her with Donjuan is one of our dream combos, and we cross our fingers that we will have puppies in two months time!

17.05.14 - New photo of Disco Dancer, two years old! Happy birthday Norway and happy birthday Disco!!

13.05.14 - New stack of Tia, BB and Dhamira!

08.05.14 - Still waiting! Those who wait for good things... ;-)

03.04.14 - Updates all around on litter pages! Some good and some not so good x-ray results, DM-test results and other updates.

13.03.14 - New photos of Tia, Zoë and Dhamira on their pages!

23.02.14 - Can't believe it's been ten years since my first Ridgeback litter, but they've actually turned ten the Amboseli-litter! Fresh photos of Ayo and a belated happy birthday to you all! BB seems to be a bit later than we thought with her heat, for the Jozani-litter,  but hopefully she'll be just around the corner and we will breed her to our bulletproof and super steady Donjuan shortly!

14.02.14 - Valentine photos of Tia!

22.01.14 - Happy New Year everyone! Time flies with two horses, lots of dogs, a little baby, a larger preschool girl and some time spent in hospital for both their parents... But here's some updates, I will try to keep up the good work ;-)  New photos of Donjuan, Ijaba, Ekundu; Hagos and Tia!



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