News 2012:

29.12.12 - Pic of Iza 6,5 weeks pregnant with the Insinya litter on the litterpage!

27.12.12 - The Hwange puppies have been outside today, visiting the dogs in the dogyard! Pics of puppies and dogs here!

23.12.12 - Merry Christmas to all of you! New stacks of the Hwangelitter, 6 weeks old. I didn't put a lot of effort in these, being the day before Christmas Eve and with tons of things to do before the family will gather here tomorrow, but you'll get a glimpse of what they look like ;-)

21.12.12 - Pics of pregnant Iza carrying the Insinya litter on the litterpage!

19.12.12 - New headshots of the Hwange puppies ;-)

17.12.12 - Stacks of the Hwange litter 5 weeks old!

16.12.12 - Mixed pics of baking, dogs, puppies and fireworks!

13.12.12 - Some pics from our walk yesterday ;-)

12.12.12 - We have traded ZoŽ for Donjuan for a short period, some pics of the extended RR family!

10.12.12 - BB has A elbows as well, and is DM free! 4 week stacks of the Hwange litter! Updated the section about atopi/allergi (only in Norwegian) with some genetics behind autoimmune diseases.

08.12.12 - Individual photos of the Hwange litter!

06.12.12 - BB and ZoŽ has A hips! Some more pics of the pack ;-)

03.12.12 - The first stacks of the Hwange litter 3 weeks old!

02.12.12 - More mixpics of puppies and older dogs ;-)

30.11.12 - Mixpics of the Hwange puppies, 2,5 weeks old!

26.11.12 - Individual pics of the Hwange puppies, two weeks old!

24.11.12 - Mixpics of the Hwange puppies, soon two weeks old!

20.11.12 - Individual pics of the Hwange puppies, one week old!

18.11.12 - A few mixed pics of the puppies!

15.11.12 - Iza is mated to lovely SolfŚngare, we expect the puppies to be born in January! Read more about the planned Insinyalitter ;-)

14.11.12 - Individual pics of the puppies!

13.11.12 - Photos of the puppies and info at the Hwange litterpage!

12.11.12 - We have puppies!! I'm not sure if there may be one more puppy waiting to come out, but I think we're finished now. Total was 7 puppies, one stillborn, correct bitch. So we have six puppies, two female and four male, all correct but one ridgeless male. Off to sleep now! Pics and more info tomorrow ;-)

05.11.12 - A photo of Dhamira 8 weeks pregnant at the Hwange litterpage!

03.11.12 - Photos from the animal assisted activity course with BB and ZoŽ!

30.10.12 - Some photos from today!

29.10.12 - A photo of Dhamira 7 weeks pregnant at the Hwange litterpage! I have updated the sections about the health information regarding the breed, our breeding goals and past and previous successes to reach those and our education/courses!

24.10.12 - Enjoy new pics of the Garamba puppies - Gashi, Gumu, Gubua and Ghamma!

23.10.12 - We have been out hunting today, no birds, but we saw a hippo! See pics of our day here.

22.10.12 - A photo of Dhamira 6 weeks pregnant at the Hwange litterpage!

21.10.12 - Faro Faraja has A hips as well!

15.10.12 - A photo of Dhamira 5 weeks pregnant at the Hwange litterpage! Some pics from todays walk as well, here!

12.10.12 - Faro Faraja has A elbows! BB has been to a show with VG this time. Her critique here. Some pics from visiting Disco and Evita this weekend!

10.10.12 - BB tagged along to the annual autumn feast in the kindergarten, see pics of her and the kids here!

09.10.12 - Some photos from our visit today, on a lovely walk in the woods!

08.10.12 - Dhamira is confirmed in whelp by ultrasound scan today! Read more about the coming Hwangelitter or her previous Etoshalitter!

07.10.12 - Huge congratulations to Ann Kristin for having TWO Hunting Pride champions at home, in fact, the only two Hunting Pride champions ever! ;-D In only 15 shows, Dodori Donjuan got his champion title and was Norwegian winner in 2009, while Etosha Etana needed 16 shows for her title which was completed yesterday, and she has the Norwegian Junior winner title from 2011. While Etana was showing, ZoŽ has been to two more field trials, and we can conclude that she need a bit more time to mature ;-)

04.10.12 - A new pic of Garamba Gashi on her page!

30.09.12 - ZoŽ and I have attended our first field trial, no prize today, but valuable experience! Critique and grades can be found at ZoŽs resultpage.

23.09.12 - Su and I have had a roadtrip this weekend, first two days at the cabin and then two days with Evita and Disco! Some pics from our trip! And pics from two of the boys in the Garambalitter has come in our mailbox, Ghamma and Gumu ;-)

17.09.12 - Rebel, father of our Faro-litter, has started a tracking competition and was # 2 in a large group dominated by herd dog breeds ;-) We snatched a photo from Rebels homepage!

13.09.12 - Dhamira has been mated to lovely Navy, we hope for puppies in November! Some pics from our journey, and some pics of the mother to be ;-)

30.08.12 - Some pics of our dogs and child, the mother of our coming litter and her three friends ;-)

29.08.12 - Fananas x-ray results have come back excellent, A on both hips and elbows!!

26.08.12 - To round off the weekend BB was BOS with her first CC at a show today! Her critique and a photo from today on her showpage! BOS with CC was brother to our Garambalitter Wayosi Ambitions of Cheriff, congratulations!

25.08.12 - We spent the weekend at the cabin in Valdres, to let ZoŽ have some experience with the grouse and to let the shoulders down ;-) Picture report from our trip!

22.08.12 - A report of Disco Dancer's show weekend is available at!

19.08.12 - What a weekend for showing! Disco Dancer first out on Saturday, getting high grades, only 8's and 9's and was awarded the blue ribbon! His mother got a third prize, can't recall the grades exactly but she got a 10 on temperament and 9 on rideability I think! On Sunday, Etana was BB4 at the large NKK show at Bjerke, with her second CC, now only needing one CC from any show to complete her champion title. Her critique and pics on her showpage, pics and grades for the horses comes when I get them from Starum.

12.08.12 - ZoŽ has been to her first official show, #2 in her class with Exc. Her critique is on her showpage!

08.08.12 - We have had to retire our great boy Donjuan from the showrings, he has walked strangely this summer and x-ray examination showed a calcification in his back, probably originated from an old injury some time ago. We are sorry that he has to retire, but also very happy that it was nothing more severe! He will have a rich life with his niece, and there is luckily no hereditary background. He was x-rayed all around in the process and is clear on all areas except the point of the calcification in his back, so a very sound, big boy ;-)

04.08.12 - Pics from horsetraining this weekend!

01.08.12 - Some pics from our summer!

31.07.12 - We had Fanana over on a visit, pics of her on her page!

29.07.12 - Dhamira Excellent, BB and Etana Very Good at a show today, photos and critiques at their showresults!

28.07.12 - More pics of Disco Dancer training for his show debut, plus dogs and other horses ;-)

17.07.12 - Pics from our Discovisit!

09.07.12 - Stacked photo of Hunting Prides Etosha Etana at her page and link to the litterinfo for her first litter later this year!

08.07.12 - Stacked photo of BB eleven months old!

06.07.12 - New various pics of the dogs and the puppies!

30.06.12 - Pics of Disco Dancer, Evita, Dhamira, BB, ZoŽ, Bajun and Diriki!

26.06.12 - New pics of Emeka on his photopage and pics of him and the other dogs!

24.06.12 - We have Hunting Prides Etosha Emeka here, and his page is updated with headshots and a stacked photo. A new will come as we get more practise, this is the first try ;-)

19.06.12 - Some mixed pics of the Garambalitter having a relaxed day on the porch ;-)

17.06.12 - Hunting Prides Garamba Gashi has her own page as well!

16.06.12 - Some horses, dogs, puppies and girls have been out and about!

13.06.12 - The Garambalitter has their own litterpage and the correct boy - Hunting Prides Garamba Ghamma - has his own page. The rest will follow!

12.06.12 - Mixed pics of the Garambalitter and the Starlitter!

08.06.12 - New pics of Disco Dancer!

05.06.12 - Stacks and mixed pics of the Garambalitter!

01.06.12 - I just received two new photos of Hunting Prides Etosha Enzi, with a mail telling me that he is the best dog in the world (think he's got some competition to that title ;-)), and also confirming that he also shares the fantastic characteristics that the Dodorilitter has and that Dhamira has given her progeny - the fantastic attitude and tolerance towards people and kids in particular. I'm very pleased to hear that, as I don't think I could have asked for more in a dog than what I have found in the Dodorilitter, and I hope the next litter will get the same traits from Dhamira!

30.05.12 - Hunting Prides Etosha Etana won her class with champion quality at the Norwegian Rhodesian Ridgeback Specialty Show this weekend! Pics and critique will come.

29.05.12 - I packed the car full of dogs and went up to Evita and Dicso over the very oval weekend ;-) We just came back, and I sweet talked my lovely husband into taking some stacked pics of the Garambapuppies! Naturally, I brought the pups with me, see some pics of the pups at Disco's place! And of course some pics of Evita, Disco and their two new friends!!

22.05.12 - We've had Etana and Donjuan visiting, pics of the dogs swimming (!) and new stack of Hunting Prides Etosha Etana!

20.05.12 - Evita's foal is born, have a look at Disco Dancer! Due to a very eventful couple of weeks plus a computer breakdown (again..) we haven't been able to introduce our Garamba puppies yet, here comes a presentation of the four soon two-week old puppies! Mixed pics of the Garambalitter, and some pics of the huskypups as well, they are one month old now.

15.05.12 - I regret to have to inform all of you that wanted a pup from Binti, that her pups have disappeared along the way. We have four puppies from Iza, they are all sold at the moment. This means that we haven't had the opportunity to keep any breeding material from our last three litters, so we are planning a new litter on Dhamira on her next heat, probably in July. Read more about our litters at the planned litters page or at the previous litters page!

03.05.12 - New pics of Iza at the Garamba litterpage! BB's page updated with pics and info.

29.04.12 - We've had a lovely day at the petting zoo on Ekeberg today, plus some maintenance at home and a short visit at Bintiyes, although time was sparse. Some pics of Bintiye at the Hwange litterpage, and here you can see some pics from our day at home and Ekeberg!

28.04.12 - The puppy room and puppy box is coming together, new pics! And no foal yet - it was false alarm ;-) I have added some pics of Iza and children to the Garamba litterpage!

26.04.12 - I got a phone call saying that there was signs of Evita preparing to foal, so I took the dogs and went to stay with her. Of course, nothing has happened tonight, since I was sleeping next to her, but maybe this night? ;-) New pics of Evitas big tummy from today!

24.04.12 - Today we went to the town hall, BjÝrn has been awarded honours prize for athletes from Oslo for his race results in 2011, together with Robert SÝrlie, Marte Heilemann and Lena B. Hillestad. New pic of Izas growing belly at the Garamba litter page! Pic of Bintiye will come, towards the weekend, I promise ;-)

21.04.12 - New stack of BB on her page!

20.04.12 - Pic of Iza 45 days into her pregnancy at the Garamba litterpage! New pic and stats on BB's page.

19.04.12 - Sorry, between childbirths and puppy birthdays - no, it was the other way around!! - I haven't found the time to take pics of the mothers to be, but they're both doing just fine. You can see pics of the huskypups here, pics of Iza will probably come tomorrow and then I'll squeeze in a visit to se Binti during the weekend ;-)

14.04.12 - ZoŽ has turned one year old, pics and info here! Dhamira and I have visited Evita and got to watch some pony stallions on our way home, pics and travelreport here!

11.04.12 - Bintiye is also pregnant - read more at the Hwange litterpage!

09.04.12 - Pics of Iza 34 days in whelp at the Garamba litterpage!

05.04.12 - We're starting to prepare for two ridgeback litters simultaneously - follow the progress here!

03.04.12 - Iza is confirmed pregnant by ultrasound today, puppies due week 17! We are awaiting Bintiyes ultrasound scan next week, and have started to make two puppy pens ;-) Info about the planned Garamba litter here and Hwange litter here!

02.04.12 - Super congrats to Sir Cisco - sire of Evitas coming foal - for beeing approved as stud in the Norwegian Warmblood Society!! His judgement can be read here, and info about the foal here! We expect it to be born mid- late May, and this foal will be for sale ;-) Pics of ZoŽ and the other dogs on an evening ride here!

29.03.12 - Ekundu has also A hips, waiting for his elbow results to come back, fingers crossed for perfect statistics in this litter as well ;-)

25.03.12 - The last two weekends have been spent in Valdres, among other things in order to give ZoŽ some experience with the grouse. Pics here!

21.03.12 - The Gallery is updated with all albums from 2011 and a new for 2012! Iza and Binti is doing fine, they're both at Bintiyes home due to the illness our dogs brought home after the rae.

19.03.12 - New pics of Evitas growing belly here!

15.03.12 - We're home from Finland, both Binti and Iza have been mated, we got a third place at the Norwegian Trail and now we are just waiting for May to come with lots of puppies and a foal! Pics from Finland here, pics from the race here and info about the Garambalitter, the Hwangelitter and Evitas coming foal!

09.03.12 - Su and I are home for one night, tomorrow we are picking Bintiye up for her Finnish adventure. BjÝrn and the dogs are staying at BeitostÝlen before the last stage tomorrow, they are currently holding the third place. Some pics here!

04.03.12 - We're leaving for Norway Trail, so no updates for a while!

02.03.12 - Some great news - of 4 x-rayed we have four Etosha's with hips and elbows A - Hunting Prides Etosha Egamisha's results came back today!

01.03.12 - We have beautiful spring weather, it's almost one month earlier than usual, but very nice ;-) Some pics of our walk today here. Soon we're leaving for the final sleddog race this season, and right after that it's off to Finland to mate Bintiye to stunning Samir. While we're gone, Iza will be mated to Sheriff, so we will have two litters simultaneously this spring/summer!

25.02.12 - Izas heat has finally started - we expect mating in two weeks or so and the Garamba litter should be born in May!

24.02.12 - We have been out riding today, and for once I remembered to bring my camera ;-) Pics here. Emekas elbow results are as great as his hip results - A on both. New pic and info on ZoŽ here!

23.02.12 - And today our pack grew with yet another dog - now we have Bintiye here as well, while her family is on holiday! Pics from our walk here!

22.02.12 - Since Etana is in heat, and lives with her uncle Donjuan who find her irresistible just now - she's here on holiday ;-) Some pics of dogs and kids here!

12.02.12 - Same procedure as last time - Etana BB4 today as well! ;-) Critique here.

11.02.12 - Etana 4th best bitch at a show today, critique here!

10.02.12 - Some old pics of sleddogs and ridgebacks here, bad quality unfortunately..

07.02.12 - Emekas hips are also perfect - hips A! Some more sleeping dogs here.

05.02.12 - Etana 4th best bitch at a show today, critique here! New pics of BB on her page and some various pics of her and the dogs here.

03.02.12 - New pics of lovely Fahari here. We're very much looking forward to half siblings to this litter, if only Binti would like to come into heat soon ;-)

02.02.12 - And finally Enzis elbow results are back and they are perfect! New stack of BB at her page.

25.01.12 - Some pics of the dogs relaxing in more or less pretty positions here ;-)

24.01.12 - Enzis x-ray result is back and he has A hips!

23.01.12 - A couple of new pics of Chetu on his page!

11.01.12 - Our walk today was a bit foggy, but the sun broke through from time to time ;-) Pics here!